2024 LG Election: Ibadan North Frontline Chairmanship Aspirant, Prince Adebowale Meets Local Party Executives, Assures Charismatic and Meaningful Representation


Prince Adebowale Adebayo, a prominent PDP aspirant for the chairmanship position in Ibadan North Local Government in the upcoming local government election, has held consultations with the PDP leaders of the largest local government in Oyo State.

Prince Adebowale Adebayo, accompanied by his supporters and led by Leader Ayanwusi, was warmly welcomed at the local government party office by Prince Adelore, the PDP Party Chairman of Ibadan North Local Government, along with his fellow executive members and party leaders.


During the meeting, Prince Adelore, the PDP Chairman in Ibadan North Local Government, reiterated the purpose of Prince Adebowale’s visit, which was to formally seek the leaders’ support for his candidacy for the chairmanship position of Ibadan North Local Government council.


Prince Adelore then invited Prince Adebowale Adebayo to address the gathering and present his aspirations.


In his speech, Prince Adebowale Falana emphasized his commitment to driving the local government forward, acknowledging the legitimate expectations of the people of Ibadan North Local Government.


Prince Adebowale Adebayo also assured the party executives and leaders that their welfare would be a top priority under his leadership.


He acknowledged that in previous elections, some party members engaged in anti-party activities due to a lack of proper care and attention. He promised to rectify this issue and ensure better care for all party members.


Prince Adebowale Adebayo clearly articulated his vision of driving the local government’s progress by focusing on mobilizing the strength of the community, delivering the dividends of democracy to every ward, and fostering unity among stakeholders such as state honorable members, councilors, leaders, executives, and party members.


Additionally, he expressed his intention to collaborate with like-minded individuals to enhance the economic growth of Ibadan North Local Government.


Moreover, Prince Adebowale Adebayo expressed his commitment to leaving a positive legacy for future generations, enabling him to be proud of his accomplishments after leaving office while continuing to serve the public.


Prince Adebowale Adebayo also assured that he will Operate open-door policy for accessibility and transparency.


The party executives, leaders, and ward chairmen commended Prince Adebowale Adebayo, the Ibadan North Local Government Chairmanship aspirant, speaking highly of his track record and urging him to remain steadfast in his exemplary conduct.


In conclusion, the party leaders, local government party executives, and ward chairmen in Ibadan North expressed their admiration for Prince Adebowale Adebayo’s wisdom in pursuing the chairmanship position and conveyed their prayers for his success in leading Ibadan North Local Government to greater heights.

Notable dignitaries who accompanied Prince Adebowale Adebayo were: Elder Ayanwusi, Leader Olayinka Babatunde,
Honorable Jah, Alhaji Danjuma, Musbaudeen Abdul Kareem, Hon. Abdulganiu Ibrahim (Faira), Chairman of Chairmen In Ibadan North LG and Ward 9 Chairman, Hon. Akubike, Ward 2 Chairman Bolanta, Mumini Ademola, Ward 11 Chairman Hon. Femi Adams, Mr. Hassan Smart, Engr. Femi Afolabi, Mr. Sharafudeen Azeez (Pa Biafra), Ward 11 Councillor, Hon. Abiola Sunday(Shomolu), Epo, Ward 1-12 Party Faithfuls, Youth Leaders, Women Leaders, and other supporters.


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