Adelabu Set to Return to APC After Oyo Guber Election Loss, Says Electorate Already Expressing Preference For Us Come 2027


The gubernatorial candidate of Accord Party in the just concluded election in Oyo State, Oloye Bayo Adelabu Penkelemesi will reportedly return to APC after completion of consultation with leaders.

Adelabu Penkelemesi who said this, on his Facebook page, today Saturday, March 25 wrote, “My Appreciation to the Accord Team and the People of Oyo State… Surely we are getting closer.


“It’s now exactly one week after the 2023 guber elections and I believe we must have all been well rested and digested the reality of the results of that election.

“My appreciation goes to all the hard working and committed members of our great party for a well fought battle in the last eight months. I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts, prayers and commitment of all your financial and other resources during our campaigns leading to last weekend guber elections. We ran the best and most organised issue-based campaign and achieved the widest reach in our consultation, house to house, rally and road shows during the campaign period. We have cause to be grateful to the Almighty Allah for his untainted protection over the team during our various tours across the state. No single accident was recorded in spite of the size of our regular convoy and no life was lost.


“I appreciate you all for your commitment and the belief, trust and confidence you have in me and our guber project.

“I implore you all not to be dejected or depressed in any form as we have moved further in this project and we are surely getting closer. Politics is a marathon and we must be resilient to ensure we get to the very end. 2027 will be the year we get to our destination, Insha Allah.

“We must continue to remain as one in unity and progress as this is the only way our team will remain formidable. We all know that the results of the election is not a true reflection of the strength of our team. A lot happened towards the tale end of the election period leading to cracks in our team and quite a number of our members waivered and it’s quite unfortunate. It’s a known fact that betrayal, backstabbing and inconsistencies are part of politics and must continue to be assimilated and managed when they occured.


“God knows best and will surely do His will in our lives at his appointed time. When the time comes, everything will work for our good.

“Regarding the way forward, I want to assure you that discussions will soon start among our leaders immediately after Ramadan on the modalities of managing our party, Accord and possibility of a return to APC. It’s not something to rush as it must be a calculated move with a joint agreement on the purpose and modalities of our return. One thing that must be clear with everyone is that it is only in unity that we can remain formidable. I implore our members not to rush into taking a decision on whether to remain in Accord or return to APC.

“Let’s exercise a little patience and wait for the overall decision of our leaders which I can assure you will be in the interest of all.


“Our consolation lies in the fact that Oyo State people have seen the quality of the candidates we displayed at all levels of the election except that the political circumstances didn’t favour us as a third force party. It is however heartwarming that the electorates are already expressing preference for us come 2027 and will surely be ready to vote for us. I will also not hesitate to let you know that it is not automatic as we must be ready and prepared to work towards it by remaining relevant in the political space till the next election.

“I want to round off by thanking the good people of Oyo State for their support and acceptance at all levels. I pray for God’s protection over our lives by granting us good health and long life to witness our eventual victory and success at the next polls. In 2027, Awa lokan!!!. Amen.

“Thank you and God bless”, he added.


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