ALAAFIN: My Observations About Selecting New Alaafin Is Disturbing And Alarming—Lanre Obadare


There can never be history without an event, The native intelligence and local diplomacy of yorubas has always put them at the forefront of every situation and circumstance, When it comes to studying people’s character, yorubas can never get it wrong, They are intelligent enough when it comes to decision-making.


I believe they must have had a deep thought before they coined out any proverbs .


omo t’oba maa je asamu, l’ati kekere ni Yio ti maa s’enu samu samu, Literally means a child whose intention is to succeed in life must have a humble beginning.


Every reasonable person with omoluwabi’s attitudes will always remember there are protocols to get to any stage in life.


Relating these words to my personal observation regarding the selection of the new Alaafin.


The immediate Alaafin of oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi was a man of honour, even in grave, May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.


I’m not a member of oyo Royal Familie, But a die-hard fan of the late iku babayeye, and he loves me too, I attended the burial processes from beginning to the end. I was there at 8 days Fidau and the final burial organised by both oyo State Government and families of the Late Monarch.


When the process of selecting new Alaafin began, I realized that there were about 119 contenders and eventually dropped off to 58 candidates.

I am bothered by some certain observations during one year of remembrance programme organized in Honour of late oba Adeyemi, Apart from the elderly princes who are not aspiring to become the next monarch of the ancient town of oyo , none of those 58 contenders was sighted at the event apart from Bishop Ayo LADIGBOLU and prince Siyanbola OLADIGBOLU


One year remembrance of the late monarch was graced by different caliber of people from far and near, political elites, traditional rulers led by the representative of the ooni of ife, illustrious sons and daughters of oyo in present.


The Ayabas of the late monarch who deserve proper care from the new alaafin were all there .

My question are…..

What makes you a qualified candidate to the stool of Alaafin when you are no where to be found during the remembrance of the Man you wants to Succeed ?

are you too big to prostrate to the ayabas that will support you with a bunch of wisdom they have acquired from the late monarch?


Or don’t you know that as An ALAAFIN, the affairs and wellbeing of Ayabas are some of your core responsibilities?


I just don’t think the majority of contenders know what it takes to be Alaafin.


Well, if we could see only two out of numerous contenders , that means the rest just buttressed the point oyo’s has been making , by saying they want mainly oladigbolu as new alaafin. Even Mr self declaration with empty promises didn’t show up upon all the abracadabra and money sharing strategies.


How I wish this well-respected and universally honoured 85-year old man could just throw his support behind the youngest and raise up his hand, hand him over to Oyo-mesi and oyo State Government as preferred new alaafin of oyo. He will obviously be the King’s father who shall be honoured for life.


Lanre Obadare Writes from Apaara Oyo


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