Alaafin Stool: Oyo Diasporas Urges Gov. Makinde To Beware Of Eye-service, Self-centered Appointees


……….. Empty Palace affecting the Muslim community – Oyo Muslim Ummah



Some Indigenes of Oyo Town in Cuba have urged the Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde not to listen to some individual appointees who have been noticed going around to influence the decision of the Oyomesi in choosing the new Alaafin, rather advised the governor to stick to laid down process which has been claimed to have produced late Oba Adeyemi’s successor.

Thou, clearly worried by the delay in the appointment of the new Alaafin and the various disturbing online news being passed around, Oyo indigenes in the diaspora said, they believed in the competence of the present Oyomesi and if truly they have chosen wisely for the Oyo empire, the state government should announce the name of new Alaafin without delay

In a released statement issued after a Zoom meeting held on Thursday, May 6, Oyo Alaafin Descendant (OAD) in Cuba said, Oyo indigenes both at home and abroad had patiently to get a deserved new king but it will be abnormal and oddity if the state government, led by governor Seyi Makinde allowed to tamper with culture and tradition through personal interest of some appointees and governor’s ally.

Oyo Alaafin Descendant in Cuba through its acting President and Secretary, Prince Aladegunwa Adepemi and Adeduntan Idris, said the need for the announcement of the next Alaafin could not be over-emphasized and claimed that important cultural and traditional activities in the ancient kingdom have been put on hold as full activity yet to return to the town since the demise of Oba Adeyemi.

” Foremost, we Oyo Alaafin Descendants in Cuba congratulate Governor, Seyi Makinde on his re-election as the state governor. We believed it is a victory well deserved.

” Moreso, we thank Governor Makinde for his
quality of being resolutely, dutifully firm, and unwavering for the last four years, we believe that the next four years will be additional progress for Oyo state citizens.

‘ Moreover, we, as some of the indigenes of Oyo town, are urging Governor Seyi Makinde not to succumb to pressure or influence towards announcing our next Oba, in Oyo town.

It is noted that the Alaafin and the economic development of Oyo town are inseparable, more so, the culture, and tradition activities which were on hold for almost a year now in Oyo town need to be addressed with the installation of a new King but not someone selects out of due process and influence of government officers.

‘ It gladdens us that, Your Excellency, through the state government is so far supporting the Kingmakers and also appreciate your unwavering decision in selecting new Alaafin through a due process.

” Your Excellency sir, we believed that your endless support and consistency of the Oyomesi had produced a result, in which the Sons and Daughters of the Oyo empire are waiting patiently for your ratification but it is saddening that, some of your allies and some eye services political appointees are all out to upturn the said due process and present you, their stooge as new King, a move which will not only disrupt Yoruba tradition but also give your administration a very bad name.

It is inarguably when people of Oyo state referred to you as the people’s governor, and a leader with a listening ear, sir, your administration has been fair to us in Oyo town, even late Alaafin, Oba Adeyemi complimented your sincerity and truthfulness, during his reign, for us to enjoy more of your kindness in Oyo town, Sir, speak with the Oyomesi through your office”. Oyo Alaafin Descendant in Cuba.

In related news, the Muslim community in Oyo town has also called on Governor Makinde to hasting the installation of the new Alaafin.

The Muslim Ummah im Oyo town said the vacant in the palace has been delaying the installation of the new Chief Imam of Oyo. The Oyo chief Imam is an Islamic clerical position that is only approved and pronounced by the Alaafin Oyo.

The Chief Imam of Oyoland, Sheikh Mashood Abdul Ganiyy Adebayo, Ajokidero III, died 26th of January 2023, almost 9 months after the demise of Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and traditionally, the Chief Imam cannot be appointed before the installation of the new  Alaafin of Oyo.”

According to the claim of the Ummah, they submitted that Oyo Chief Imam could not be appointed without the enthronement of the new Alaafin of Oyo.

In addition, the Oyo Muslim Ummah said, the unavailability of the Chief Imam is also causing disorderliness among the leaders within the community therefore, urged Governor Seyi Makinde to liaise with the Oyomesi to haste the said due process to stop the long waiting of Oyoland for the new King and Chief Imam.


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