Alhaja Mutiyat Ladoja Gives Reasons Politicians Criticise Makinde


Alhaja Mutiat, the wife of former Governor Rasheed Ladoja has explained why politicians criticise Oyo Governor Seyi Makinde.


She said they criticise Makinde because Makinde has refused to be pocketed by some politicians masquerading as godfathers in the state.


She said the Governor has refused to succumb to the wish of politicians who want to dictate how to run the affairs of the State.


Speaking on a live program on Agidigbo FM in Ibadan, the former First Lady described Makinde as a tall man who is not easy to bend or pocket.


She lauded the Governor for his giant strides, adding Makinde has performed beyond the expectations of Oyo residents.


He urged them to vote for the Governor and other candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) on Saturday, saying they will guarantee peace and development of the State.

According to her: “Only a fool will cover his head with a broom during the rainy and sunny season. God gives us umbrella to protect us, don’t let the rain beat you, come under the umbrella.”


“Makinde has tried his best. He will do more if re-elected. Don’t vote for those who will drive the vehicle of Oyo backward. Don’t vote for Judas. Vote for the person that will better the life of your children.”

Feeding questions on whether Makinde has a religious bias, Ladoja said: “This is the 10th year the governor has been organising Ramadan lectures. This is the 10th year Makinde has been sponsoring Muslims to Mecca. He built the Omituntun Mosque, one of the five pillars of Islam in Mecca and he has been sponsoring people, so, he has done what God wants.”


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