Free Medical Outreach: Jubril Dotun Sanusi Enrols 300 Residents Into OYSHIA Scheme


In a remarkable display of community care, Chief Engr. Jubril Dotun Sanusi, CEO of Ilaji Hotel & Sports Resorts, has facilitated free medical treatments for over 300 individuals through the Oyo State Health Insurance Agency (OYSHIA). This initiative underscores his dedication to enhancing the health and well-being of the people in his community.

During the launch event, The Jagun Olubadan of Ibadanland, highlighted the significance of accessible healthcare.

He referenced global examples such as the healthcare systems in the UK, USA, and the Arab world, urging others to prioritize health services. He emphasized that health is a basic necessity and encouraged more people to support similar causes.

Sanusi’s efforts reflect his belief that the health of a community is paramount. He stated that ensuring accessible healthcare for family, employees, and the wider community is vital. He stressed that people should not wait until they are severely ill to seek medical attention, advocating for proactive health measures.

OYSHIA representative Mr. Omofisoye Wale Joseph praised Chief Jubril Dotun Sanusi’s contributions, explaining that the enrollment process is part of the Adoption Model. This model facilitates healthcare access for residents through OYSHIA, allowing beneficiaries to receive care at nearby facilities.

Beneficiaries of the program, such as Alhaji Abdul-Mukhtar Olagbade Adedeji and Mrs. Ronke Akande, expressed their gratitude. They highlighted the positive impact of the free healthcare services on their lives and encouraged others to follow Sanusi’s philanthropic example.

Chief Jubril Dotun Sanusi’s initiative demonstrates his unwavering commitment to community welfare. By ensuring healthcare access for hundreds of residents, he has set a powerful precedent for others to contribute to the common good. His actions have not only provided immediate health benefits but have also inspired a culture of giving and community support.

100 beneficiaries were picked from his father’s compound at Olugbade’s Compound, Idi Arere while another 100 people were selected from his mother’s compound, Ilaji.

50 beneficiaries were selected from worshippers in his Central Mosque and another 50 were selected from Church members both in Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort.


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