Governor Makinde, New Alaafin And Oracle Consultation—Ifasaanu Ifasakin


My name is Chief ifasaanu , an Indigene of ago-iwoye and a world-class babalawo,

My relationship with late alaafin was as strong and cordial as sibling’s love.

I am not a native of oyo and not a member of kingmakers (oyomesi). However , the ears are filled up with countless atrocious activities surrounding the selection of a new king by some members of kingmakers. It’s baseless to mention names because that’s not the point. However, for the sake of my love and relationship with late iku babayeye . I hereby recommend the following procedures to guide the selection of new alaafin of oyo. Heeding advice is optional according to African saying. (A le fi tipatipa mu esin lo s’odo.
Sugbon a ko le fi tipatipa fun ni omi mu) an horse can b. Forced to the stream, but can never be forced to drink water.

First of all, it is fraudulent to consult an oracle to choose a new King between more than five constenstants. During the last presidential election in Nigeria. I was surprised INEC introduced BIVAS that was traditionally initiated by oyo Empire during the rain of alaafin AMUNIWAYE. Undoubtedly, the oyos had no device for that but a very strong native intelligence, and if properly followed, you get the same result .

Before oracle’s consultation. This must be taken into consideration if truly oyos wants god sent new alaafin.
It’s news to none that the throne of alaafin is not a direct hereditary, but rulling houses.

Here are the classes of contenders whose names must not be inclusive for oracle consultation. (auto disqualification)

maternal prince. Oyo tradition has not favoured any maternal prince to be king.

Class B
a prince whose father is alive

Class C
a prince whose father had not rulled before.

Reasonable class for oracle consultation.

1. Blue-blood princes (grandsons)

If none of them is qualified, consider the 3rd generation. If none of them is qualified, consider the 4th generation and so on. If at the end of it, none of them have the capacity to be king, then you can think of other branches of agunloye (gbadegesins)

Taking 68 names to oracle is completely wrong. That’s why yorubas initiated local BIVAS (blood trace)
stop disgrasing yoruba culture.

Look for five candidates from the family of late alaafin siyanbola oladigbolu and send them to the government to choose one. If none of them is qualified, consider the 4th generation, which is gbadegesins. Oyomesi should abstain from creating crisis by avoiding partial decsion of immorality and keep sense of purpose and remain duty bound to tradition etiquette with rational superior judgment highlighted above in making the right and final decisions,as even in life, there’s hirachy .


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