How My Nephew Killed His Father, Hidden By Mother – Uncle


A teenager, Ismail Adeagbo, is currently in police custody for allegedly killing his father, Jimoh Adeagbo.

The incident happened on April 21, 2023, in Tede, Atisbo Local Government Area, Oyo State, and was reported to the police by Ismail’s uncle, Taofeek Adeagbo.


Taofeek had no hand in the incident as earlier reported.

Narrating the incident to City Round, the 43-year-old said, “I am the younger brother of the deceased, Jimoh Adeagbo. On the morning of the incident, April 21, 2023, his son, Ismail Adeagbo, came to my house to report it, but he didn’t meet me at home. So, he told my wife that his father had died.

“I was called over the phone and I rushed down there. I looked at the body and saw that something hit his head. I then said that this was not an ordinary death and that we must report the case to the police. I then went to the station to report and the police came to investigate and began to ask questions from his wife, Rasheedat Adeagbo, and one of his daughters, Aishat.”

Taofeek stated that he kept asking where Ismail was as he was not at the house.

On the reason for insisting on Ismail’s whereabouts, Taofeek said the suspect had stabbed his father before.


“He stabbed his father with a knife about six months before; that was why I suspected him and requested the police to interrogate him.

“When he was interrogated by the police at the station, he said his father did not like him and his mother and kept cursing them. He is the fourth born but first son among the father’s children,” Taofeek stated.

He noted that Ismail was not seen throughout that day, meanwhile, he was inside the room and hid under the bed.


Taofeek added, “His phone was with his mother and she told us that she didn’t know where her son was and that this was his phone.

“The police took his mother into custody and the house was closed and kept under the watch of vigilantes and local hunters.

“On April 22, which was the second day of the incident, we decided to go into the house to get Ismail’s photos that would be used as evidence at the police station. That was when we saw him in the house.

“We then asked if he was the one that committed the crime and he admitted. He explained everything to his mum after he committed the act.


“The police said they (suspect and mother) would be charged but we were told that there was a delay and they would be charged next week.”

He stated that Ismail and his mother remained in custody at Iyaganku Police Station, Ibadan.

Parading the suspects in Ibadan last Friday, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Adewale Osifeso, had said the suspect’s mother was arrested for concealing the crime after the son confessed to her.

However, Rashedat said she woke up to see the lifeless body of her husband on the floor.

“I have seven children for my late husband; even though we normally quarrel, I would never wish him dead,” she added.


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