Hundred Years Without Alaafin, Better Than Endless Crisis To The Coveted Throne Of Our Forefathers —Dr. Adebukola Oladigbolu


An Open Letter To The Oyo State Government.

Oyo State Government House, Agodi, Ibadan.

Dear Governor Oluseyi Makinde, I Congratulate you on your emergence as the Governor of Our State for the Second Term and as the Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Governor’s Forum.

I was one of the first set of Person’s from oyo State who had no confidence in you right from the very first time you contested for Governorship 2015, and when you also came out in 2019, it was a no-no for me, because don’t believe in you, I always see you as someone who had nothing to offer the good people of Oyo State.

When you eventually won the 2019 elections, i was Still not moved, at 78 I believe I’ve seen enough about how Politicians could pretend just to get power, Unknown to you’re a different breed, You’ve convinced me beyond any reasonable doubt that you are capable of doing even beyond what you promise the good people of Oyo State.

I have never in my life envisioned Ojoo Moto park in a different view until you became Governor, The Oyo State Transport System came into existence via your innovation, The Ibadan Airport Road and several Bridges have been constructed under your administrative orientation, The Challenge Motor Park is now like a bus terminal in Amsterdam, The idi- ape road have been computerised , alternative project funding, 21km Airport-Ajia-New Ife Express Road with a spur to Amuloko,
45.3km Saki-Ogbooro-Igboho Road,
9.7km Saki Township Road,
Idi-Ape-Bashorun-Akobo-Odogbo Barracks Road, 5.2km Gedu-Oroki-Sabo-Asipa Road,
General Gas Flyover, Ibadan – 13 (148.21km), Ibadan – Ibarapa (58km)
Ogbomoso – 1 (3km), Moniya – Iseyin (65km), Oyo – 1 (5.25km)
Oke-Ogun – 2 (54.4km), Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba, Construction of Mini Stadium Igboora, Ibarapa,
Reconstruction of Olubadan mini stadium, Ibadan, Upgrade of Durbar Stadium, Oyo, Upgrade of Soun Stadium, Ogbomoso, Upgrade of Saki Township stadium, Remodelling of Ebedi Township Stadium, Iseyin.

The Bodija Recreation Centre, Ibadan, is being constructed, All these are not projects I heard of, I saw all of them from beginning to the end. I felt so bad for not believing in your administration until you shot my mouth up with all these gigantic projects, May Almighty God in his infinite Mercy’s continue to bless you with more wisdom to take Oyo State to greater hight.

You are such a wonderful and pure minded leader to the extent that you even named a project after some politicians who never wanted you as a governor, Without apology to anyone, we can call  whosoever that has ruled oyo state since the beginning of the 4th Republic a failure when it comes to comparison, You are such a wonderful child and leader every good parent should pray for.

I am fully aware of the Chieftaincy Declaration Ammendments made by your administration recently, and I believe it’s for the good people of oyo State, As long as the Constitution permits you to do so, there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do, and that is the fact.

However, as long as the executive  governor is the decision-making officer to appoint traditional rulers across oyo state, I would like to advise you on Alaafin Stool in particular, I’m Dr. Adebukola Oladigbolu, A prince from Agunloye Rulling House of Oyo, As we all know, Oyo State Chieftaincy declaration procedures recognised Agunloye Rulling House to produce the next Alaafin of Oyo, I would like you to Kindly stay away from Oyo town politicians who are hell bent on causing and creating caous between a single and indivisible family  (Agunloye).

We are one family with two branches, The agunloye rulling house produced Late Alaafin Abubakar Siyanbola Oladigbolu and his son, Alaafin Bello Gbadegesin (Ladigbolu 2nd)

It’s now the turn of the Agunloye to produce the next Iku Babayeye, The Gbadegesins are doing everything to cause serious issue that no one could envision what the end could be, The Gbadegesins are all grandsons of late Alaafin Gbadegesin and Alaafin Gbadegesin’s younger brothers are still very Much alive and capable to be ALAAFIN, I am personally throwing this question to you Sir, Your Excellency, and I would like you to digest the question yourself, Have you ever seen where grandchildren are claiming their grandfather’s right when their father and their uncle are still alive? That’s very arrogant from the highest order.

We Oladigbolus will not accept such INCIVILITY, we have our qualified candidates, be it young or old, with or without money, they’re our preferred candidates. Let there be no Alaafin till infinity Instead of any of Gbadegesins.

Our Candidate is qualified in All ramifications, he has what it takes to rule, and most importantly, he’s closer to the throne than 99% of those contesting, and I challenge anyone, including 85 years old Bishop Ayo Ladigbolu ( my brother ) to debunk this, Ayo Ladigbolu is contesting as well, and We are not saying he shouldn’t  contest, but we don’t want him there, Not because he is not qualified, But age is not by his side, He shouldn’t waste our valuable thicket to the throne of our forefathers, He is an accomplished and  successful man in all life’s ramifications, He should allow the youngest to be chosen,  After all, they are both grandsons of Alaafin Ladigbolu, He’s just parading himself as if he has any right than others, which clearly he knows better. We want the youngest blueblood Prince, We will enjoy him the most, for we believe that good things are for all and not just for  one person.

I humbly suggest to Your Excellency that send a warning to Oyo town Politicians, Clerics, and non-member of Royal family’s to stay away and Stop creating issues, they are not among us (Royal family) they should mind their buisneses, If they remain adamant I’m afraid that it might lead to Crisis, and this won’t spell good to the throne seen by all Yoruba sons and daughters as their cultural heritage, There’s nothing bad in supporting your choice candidate, but to interfere in royal family affairs is a dangerous move that might set them against each other.

As we remain calm waiting for your final decision on who becomes the next Alaafin of Oyo, we employ you to use your position to give us the very best, thag is accepted by all, I pray God give you the wisdom to navigate one of the most difficult task you face ahead.


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