Ibadan Mogaji Under Fire Over Attack On Christianity


Some Christian leaders in Ibadan have condemned one of the Mogaji (family heads) in Ibadan, Mogaji Asimiyu Ariori, over what they described as an attack on Christianity.


The Christian leaders, who spoke with journalists on Tuesday in Ibadan, described Ariori’s outburst as one that could cause a religious war in the ancient city.

Our correspondent reports that Ariori appeared on a live radio programme, Bembe Oro, anchored by the duo of Saheed Alatise and Salawat Lukman on Noble 107.1 FM in Ibadan Tuesday morning.

When asked how many wives he has, Ariori claimed that he has 25 wives because he is not a Christian, who usually has only one wife with many concubines.

Ariori, during the programme monitored by DAILY POST, said that he took the decision to avoid fornication, unlike Christians who usually have one wife but still commit adultery.

“Do you know what Christianity has caused to our society? It only permits a man to marry one wife. Some of them will have one wife and 30 concubines. I have 25. I am not a Christian who will have one wife and 30 concubines,” he said.

Some Christian leaders in Ibadan, while reacting, described the statement made by Ariori as unfortunate and one that can cause a religious crisis. They advised the Mogaji to apologize and seek forgiveness from the Christian community.

A Christian leader from Ibadan South West Local Government Area, Mr Olu Olugbenga, while reacting, described Ariori’s statement as derogatory to the Christian population.


He said, “His statement is inciting. It is not good at all. When they asked him to mention the number of his wives, I expected him to stop when he mentioned 25 wives. The statement that Christians marry one wife and 30 concubines is inciting and can cause a religious crisis.”


Elder Joseph Akande from Ibadan North Local Government Area, while speaking, urged Ariori to tender a public apology to the Christian community.

“He is a Mogaji. I expect him not to say that kind of thing. It is inciting and discriminatory against Christians. I expect him to tender a public apology. I do not expect the Mogaji to dabble into market leadership issues because he is not one of them,” he said.

Another Christian leader from Oluyole, Pa Kola Olaosebikan, advised the Mogaji to tender his apology within seven days in four media houses.


“His statement is unfortunate. We expect him to tender an apology within seven days, and failure to do this, we will ask the Olubadan and his family to remove him from the position. He is a Mogaji. I am sure he will have Muslims, Christians, and even traditionalists in his family. So why is he uttering such a statement?”

A church leader from Ido, Mr James Ishola, said that a good leader does not discriminate on the basis of religion.

“A good leader does not utter such a statement. A good leader does not discriminate on the basis of religion. It is very unfortunate that a family head who has adherents of different religions in his family is uttering such a statement. He should apologize to us and he should desist from uttering such statements in the future,” Ishola warned.


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