In Ibadan, Woman Recounts How Things Turned Sour After Mysterious Bird Landed on Matrimonial Bed 13 Years Ago [Video]


A family based in Ibadan has recounted how things have gone worse since a strange black bird was seen on their matrimonial bed about thirteen (13) years ago.

The woman, who didn’t mention her name while speaking on the programme “Alabaromi”, a life experience show on Agidigbo 88.7fm in Ibadan with Oriyomi Hamzat as the host, noted that her family began to experience retrogression since the bird visited.


She recounted how she lost her husband about nine years ago, four years after the issue and how life has been difficult for the family since then.


She explained that at about 1:00am, a bird was seen on the bed adding that all doors and entrances were well closed and there is no sign of force in the house.

She added that the bird flew on her before her husband swiftly used the broom to kill the bird.

“Our house in not in the bush. My husband killed it and we threw it away, Since the bird came, things have been worse for myself and my family. The bird came like 13 years ago, I lost my husband about 9 years ago. I have been struggling to make ends meet since then.


“My children have since been retrogressive, no matter how I tried, things aren’t going well, they aren’t getting successful results from their endeavours.

“I saw another bird this year, on the 1st of April, 2023 and this is why I have decided to come out to the world. I worked so hard and tried my best to make my children successful for the past nine years.

“We were all sleeping when the bird came. I have been to many places, things aren’t improving. When people tried to help me with goods, I end up in debt.


“On the 1st of April during Ramadan, my child who manage as a commerical bike rider called my attention to the case and we saw the bird fighting with our cat.

“Last month my child was accused by Amotekun, another one who managed as a POS operator was accused of stealing money, the one who gave birth to a child
have been missing for the past week and we’re yet to see her,” she narrated.

Watch the video below




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