JUST IN: Uniforms, Weapons Discovered as Security Operatives Uncover Yoruba Nation Agitators’ Hideouts in Oluyole (VIDEOS)


The Oluyole Security Surveillance Team (OSST) has uncovered yet another hideout allegedly used by suspected Yoruba Nation Agitators in the Fatusi and Shagari areas of the Olode sector in Oluyole Local Government Area. This revelation follows closely on the heels of the recent invasion of the Oyo State Secretariat by suspected agitators.



Following the apprehension of some individuals involved in the invasion of the Oyo State Secretariat, it was observed that others not captured during the operation attempted to relocate to a different hideout. Their suspicious movement, notably wearing camouflage uniforms, drew the attention of the Oluyole Security Surveillance Team (OSST), prompting them to launch an operation to uncover their new location.


Comrade Idowu, the coordinator of the OSS team, acted swiftly upon receiving information about the suspected agitators’ whereabouts. He alerted security agencies, particularly the police stationed at Sanyo Police Station. Acting on the intelligence provided, the police swiftly mobilized and intercepted the suspects as they were in the process of transporting their uniforms, guns, and other weapons.

The thorough investigation not only led to the apprehension of the suspects but also unveiled another hideout in the Shagari area, distinct from the one in Sanyo. All confiscated items were safely moved to the police station for further processing and investigation.

This development underscores the ongoing efforts of security agencies and surveillance teams to maintain peace and order in the state, particularly in light of recent attempts by agitators to disrupt public peace and security.

The swift action taken by the OSS team and the police demonstrates the commitment of law enforcement agencies to curb criminal activities and maintain law and order in Oyo State.


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