Legal Expert, Michael Lana Issues Warning to Elevated Ibadan Obas Over Olubadan Selection Process


Amidst the controversy surrounding the selection of a new Olubadan in Ibadan, former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Oyo State, Michael Lana, has weighed in on the matter. Lana cautioned that the actions of the elevated Ibadan Obas may backfire, especially if Chief Rashidi Ladoja decides to challenge them legally.

Lana, who previously represented Ladoja in court, emphasized that according to the Olubadan declaration, only high chiefs, not Obas, have the authority to nominate an Olubadan. He pointed out that if the elevated Obas insist on chairing meetings and making nominations, their actions could be deemed null and void.

Explaining the legal intricacies, Lana highlighted the distinction between the capacities of the elevated Obas as both Obas and High Chiefs. He underscored that while they may hold the title of Oba, they can only nominate candidates for the Olubadan stool in their capacity as High Chiefs. Therefore, Chief Ladoja, as the most senior chief in the line not producing the candidate, is the only one authorized to summon a meeting for the nomination process.

Lana’s intervention sheds light on the potential legal challenges facing the selection process for the new Olubadan and serves as a warning to the elevated Obas regarding the proper protocol outlined in the Olubadan declaration.


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