Makinde’s Giant Strides in Oyo, Let the Guilty be Afraid!|Akéde Ọ̀yọ́

Gov Seyi Makinde
Gov Seyi Makinde


With no vain political colouring, the bastion of democracy wheeling in the hand of our crowning glory-Governor Makinde is undeniably yielding fruition across fault lines that divides the State.

Unlike others, his shear approaches to grassroots governance has made him warm his way into people’s heart, thereby making recognizable impacts across various lengths and breadths of the State.

To the weak, Seyi he became weak. To the poor, he became the poorest, all in a bit to be identified with them in their weaknesses and strengths. This, however, has been the reason for huge grassroots following and affections he is enjoying as a leader.

Beyond that, his exemplary dedication to course of delivering the dividend of good governance is the reason for new breaking grounds and picking up accolades and respect from far and near in Politics and governance.

A year and few months, Gov. Seyi Makinde has made giant strides in tackling the most pressing challenges facing the State. He has proven to the good people of Oyo State who reposed confidence in him, that his stellar Leadership qualities, Wealth of experience, clarity of purpose, Love and the Support he got from the people and his Political associates have made the outstanding and remarkable performances possible. 

Without doubt, He has done remarkably well in the areas of Agriculture, Health, Infrastructure and most especially Education.

To State the recent, mouth are bound to wag the frisson of excitement that rented the air following the display of native intelligence and astute political will of Governor Seyi Makinde in the successful transfer of ownership of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso after long years failed attempts by his predecessors. Before now, the Institution has been stultified in growth and development due to lack of financial commitments in terms of subvention from both States.

This, among many widely publicised knee-jack decisions has been made to safe of educational system from being trampled into the mud.

One further proofs that Makinde is upbeat about the future of education in Oyo State was the display of showmanship by earmarking the 21% of the total Appropriation Bill presented to the State House of Assembly on education.

We had no such tradition in Oyo Politics and governance. It was an entire paradigm shift from the usual way of budgeting funds to where it can be stealthily siphoned by the makers of home-grown misery. Perhaps the All Progressive Congress led Federal Government need to be enrolled under the political tutelage of Makinde so as to help them rejig the polity to meet the less than N120b yearning to revive education sector of the country by ASSU.

More so, I have no shred of doubt that the ongoing thoroughly scrutinised TESCOM’s recruitment would produce crops of intellectual teachers that would contribute meaningfully to the system.

The colour of legacy of good governance is now beautifying the painful, unfruitful and stultified eight years of dark political trajectory of the departed hero and has become a reserve opprobrium for those who sold lies as reality.

It is easy to discern that Makinde’s pragmatic leadership in less than two years in Oyo has muzzled the ox of the opponent and has stripped them of any political Importance to circus of clowns that people waiver and snigger at their flurries of ungodly comments and sponsored writings scattered across media space when they see them.

From deference makes the difference. Difference in approach, in understanding that protests, at anytime, irrespective of the status of Protesters, are fabric of responsive democratic practices, Makinde wittily broke out of the supposed cabal-stitched straitjacket of power into a big, largely sown Suit by the society.

He refused to join the political tomfoolery staged against the EndSARS protesters by his counterparts across Southwest region. No leader earns the rectitude and respect from his people if the needful has not been done. Gov. Makinde’s determination to address the menace of police brutality, rights abuse and extortion, with a bird’s-eye view monitoring mechanism was a further testament that he is concerned with the plight of the people.

Bolstered by his vast business and technical know-how, Makinde has engagingly and consummately contribution has resulted in increase in the Internal generated revenue of the State by 26%. In addition to that, he is embarking on rescue mission of resuscitating some moribund industries across various sectors to address the specter of youth unemployment in the State.

Though the opponents are forgiven for their shear display of blissful Ignorance in admitting that the economic growth of the State has been on increasing side. Also, the town and gown synergy between the government and Private establishments are busily proffering solution to the myriad of problems facing road networks across the State. The Ibadan Circular Road project, Iwo road interchange, Saki-Ogboro-Igboho road to mention a few, are major face lifts projects to ensure hitch free movement of people, goods and services in the State.

A further testament that Makinde, who constituted a cabinet composed of tested technocrats and administrators; the first of its kind in the State with which he is revolutionalising governance in the state, provided state-of-the-art infrastructure and changed the face of Oyo and her fortune forever, is belt on delivering his electioneering promises which include the refurbishing of Agbowo Shopping Complex, revivifying Lekan Salami Stadium, and others along that line.

His method of writing history in terms of his milestones achievements along the part of Health and Agriculture has received salvo of cheers among well-meaning residents of the State.

Instead of engaging in self-adulating Politics like those non-credible, notorious purveyor of bad governance at the center, Makinde is busily harnessing both human and material resources in order to contribute his quota in strengthening State’s economy.


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