New Alaafin And Table For Two—Prince Adetela


The power tussles surrounding the selection of new Alaafin seem to be more tightened despite the efforts of the government in making sure the new Alaafin is properly and constitutionally installed .

The next ruling house to produce the next occupant of the majestic seat of Alaafin of oyo is well-known in oyo and Nigeria at large.

From the media and publications made by all the contenders in Nigeria newspapers after the demise of late Oba Adeyemi . There were contenders who made public declaration of their ambition while others never came up with any public declaration, which is their personal decision that doesn’t water down their chances anyway.

The two noble contenders whose names have been all over since the beginning of the process are Archbishop Ayo ladigbolu, 86year hold Archbishop of Methodist, and a journalist by profession.

Prince Ayo Ladigbolu is a well-respected elderly cleric across nigeria any day anytime. He is a grandson of the late Alaafin Abubakar siyanbola Oladigbolu.

Young and vibrant of them is Prince Kolade Afeez siyanbola Oladigbolu. A mariner by profession and a real estate tycoon. He is the founder of royal colony homes limited and other investments. He his the youngest among the contenders, Siyanbola Jnr, who named after his grandfather , the most fearful and fearless Alaafin siyanbola Oladigbolu (the Alaafin Oyo between 1911-1944)

Through research and interviews, both of them have granted revealed that the young Prince siyanbola and Archbishop Ayo are biological grandsons of late Alaafin Siyanbola onikepe oladigbolu

The Oyo Indigene home and abroad look forward to one of them to be installed as the new iku babayeye.

Apart from traditional criteria, which i believe no one can say anything about apart from the kingmakers (oyomesi)

I expect the new alaafin to be an exposed , educated, vocal, confident, and bold person.

The two major names ringing bells across Yorubaland are those mentioned above.
Academically, we were able to access the Biodata of Prince Ayo ladigbolu and Prince siyanbola oladigbolu. What really baffles me most is how the youngest siyanbola was able to recognized by the most reputable carrier of genuine information in the whole world (Wikipedia)
His profile on Wikipedia even before the issues of the throne is quite louder . He’s always in a business conference home and abroad with several awards, talking about the real problems in Nigeria and advising governments on possible solutions to the house deficit in the country.

Bishop ladigbolu is my brother, but he can’t be alaafin. Several allegations have been levelled against him within the family, and that’s just a family issue. But he can’t be alaafin for three reasons.

1. There was a hint that he had an agreement with Alowolodu rulling house to make sure he becomes alaafin after the passage of oba lamidi so that the throne rotation could go back to their rulling house on time.

2. Bishop ladigbolu has leveraged on the throne more than anyone, while other princes never had access to the palace. He sometimes worked against his family in the palace.

3. He is too old for the throne. Age is not by his side. That’s why we can’t allow him to waste our valuable thicket. All his children are good and fine round the world while children of other princes are stagnant. Ayo ladigbolu should allow others to breathe. We don’t want him.

He said people pushed him to context, which is very untrue . No one pushed him but himself. How can a person be pushed to shameless status at 85 years.

Family members won’t say it in his presence, but they don’t want him, and that’s the fact.
He has been telling journalists around that the family nominated him, which is far from reality. No family nominated an 85 years hold Man to be alaafin.

There was another interview where he said some people pressurized him to context. That’s also a lie.
He can never be alaafin . I promised him that.

Prince siyanbola is far better due to his age.
He is a biological grandson of the late alaafin oladigbolu who owns the thicket to the vacant stool. Even some indisciplines who wanted to divide one ruling house into two knew for sure that in hierarchy, they are way below prince siyanbola. So both vertically and horizontally, He is the most qualified. And I don’t think Oyo’s will accept anything less.

I am pleading with the government of oyo State under the leadership of Engr Seyi seyi Makinde not to make enquires from wicked people, but the real and good people within oyo.

I also warn the oyo politicians, to be specific, to stay away from our father throne’s selection. They should stay clear of ever lasting sorrow. We have been perceiving some fowls play that may lead to situations of sinking to rise no more. Focus on your political journey and safe yourself from countless generations’ tribulations.
The end.


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