Oyo 9th Assembly Breaks Past Records, Passes 97 Bills, 150 Motions, 400 Resolutions Others


The 9th Oyo State House of Assembly has surpassed all previous records of past achievements in the annals of the State legislature.

The Speaker, Hon Adebo Ogundoyin disclosed this at the valedictory session of the House held on Thursday.

Hon Adebo Ogundoyin said the 9th Oyo State House of Assembly has not only broken the previous record on the number of bills passed, but it has also hit high spots in all parameters and yardsticks to measure outstanding success.

He stated that a total of 109 bills were considered by the 9th Oyo State House of Assembly in 4years and 97 bills were passed with 8 outstanding.

The Speaker said before now the 7th Oyo State House of Assembly held the record of the highest number of bills passed which were 70 with 23 . outstanding.

” For instance, 7th Assembly in Oyo State holds the record of the highest number of bills passed which were 70 with 23 outstanding. Close to this record was 8th Assembly which passed 68 bills with 16 outstanding. But now we remain the best and first in the annals of legislature in Oyo State. I made bold to say here that, we have succeeded in passing close to 100 bills.
For record, 109 Bills were considered and 97 Bills were passed with 8 outstanding.

” These bills are to address critical sectors and issues such as agriculture and food security, economy, education, healthcare, ease of doing business, youth empowerment, social inclusion and protection, domestic resource flow and infrastructure.” Oyo Speaker said

According to Hon Adebo Ogundoyin, the 9th Oyo Assembly has about 150 Motions and Matters of Urgent Public Importance, as well as over 400 Resolutions and not less than 90 Committee Reports.

He added further that the Assembly carried out its oversight functions in the last four years with utmost diligence which he stressed ensured accountability and transparency in the governance process.

” Another significant achievement of the 9th Assembly is the extensive number of public hearings conducted. We have actively engaged with stakeholders, experts, and the public, aggregating their valuable inputs before making our legislative decisions. By embracing inclusivity and participatory governance, we have ensured that the people’s voices are heard, and their interests are represented in our policies.”

The Speaker said establishment of a website and a Media Studio for the State House of Assembly, as well as passages of financial autonomy bills for both the legislature and the judiciary are some of the other unique achievements of 9th Assembly.

Hon Adebo Ogundoyin commended the State Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde for not only supporting the legislature in all its activities but also believing in the capacity of the lawmakers , and according them due respect.

” I must emphasize the commendable working relationship between the members of this Assembly and our dedicated staff. The harmonious relationship amongst the lawmakers led to a rancor and crisis free Assembly in the last four years. The synergy, cooperation, and mutual respect among us have been crucial to our success. I express my heartfelt appreciation to our staff for their professionalism, competence, and unwavering support.

” May I stress that together in the 9th Oyo State House of Assembly , we have made a lasting impact and set a high standard in legislative activities. We hold the record now. We have set the pace and surely we are the one holding the ace”

He urged his colleagues to carry the spirit of dedication and hard work demonstrated in the last four years to their future endeavors and activities.


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