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Oyo Amotekun, Ibarapa Residents Clash, An Eye Witness Account

The incident that occurred in Taapa in Ibarapa between the operatives of the Amotekun and Residents was reported to be a bloody clash as scores were injured with various degrees of injuries while 2 have been confirmed Dead.

According to an eye witness Account who stated that one of the deceased name as Odugbemi Rasaq is His Cousin was a victim of Unprofessionalism on the part of the Amotekun operatives rather than a Reportedly Clash between the operatives and residents.

He narrated how bad he felt when he read through a media outlet with a different story entirely, He said none of the organizers where hurt nor arrested, but a direct manslaughter to innocent people who are sitting peacefully at their homes.

Here is his own side of the story;

This afternoon while mourning the death of my cousin, Odugbemi Rasaq, my attention was drawn to a media publication by ibarapa parrot about what transcend between the AMOTEKUN COPS and some youth in Tapa, going through the publication, I can’t help my self than to break down in tears again reading how a media outlet could write such jargon and called it a news from a reliable source! It was so disheartening.

It all happened that some youth had a carnival around a market square and were permitted to do what they were doing till 10pm, I notice the gathering around 6pm and i invited the DJ to know what the gathering was all about and who gave them the permission and when was it schedule to end, I was briefed that the king was well informed and that the gathering will be tiil 10pm, I personally asked the DJ to end things by 9.30pm so everyone could go home before 10pm.

I left my family house leaving my cousins sitting in front of the house around 9.08pm, I passed the venue of the gathering looking for a bike around 9.15pm, I opted to trek when I couldn’t get a bike to take me, I was trekking down to the garage when I met the amotekun cops going towards the gathering venue and in less than 2 minutes music stop playing and that was around 9.25pm, I was still able to be hearing people shouting ” se ago mewa ti lu ni?
And that was when I heard gunshots for about 45 minutes, even when I got home, I was still hearing the gunshots going on and on. I logged in to TAPA INDIGENE WHATSAPP GROUP to follow updates on what was going on and that was how I knew 3 of my cousins were shot! The venue was just a stone throw to my family house and while they were happily sitting in front of the house, the decease was hit in the chest at 5 different angle, another lady was hit right under her breast and another in the leg! All three people were my cousins sitting in their house. Over 15 people were shot in different part of their bodies including a pregnant lady.

The cops knowing what they have done all ran away till this afternoon when their commandant arrived from Ibadan.

A reasonable and well trained security outfit shouldn’t have bagged into a crowded party filled with all kind of human! Non of the organizers were hurt or arrested, everyone affected were passersby or at their homes, that kind of shooting is more of a lekki.

It was bloody than anyone could imagine. I and my fellow people want to know how they were trained to use gun and how they were trained to use power and how powerful they were.

To the publishers, I want to ask how many of you visited the scene and the palace before those jargon was written? And to the publisher of ibarapa parrot! May the blood of the innocent kids judged you according to what you wrote about them.

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