Oyo Amotekun Operatives Put A Gun On My Head And Threatened To Blow It Off—Oyo NANS PRO


The Public Relations Officer of the National Association of Nigeria Students ( NANS ) JCC Oyo State, Adeleke Quadri Abidemi fondly called Asiwaju on Tuesday narrated how the men of Oyo State Security Network Agency, code-named, Amotekun harassed and threatened to kill him.

Explaining his horrible experience, Quodri said that Amotekun members kicked, slapped and pointed their riffle on his forehead, threatened to kill him at the spot without anybody to question them.

He said; “I received the beaten of my life from Amotekun Operatives last Tuesday night in my area. I landed in the Hospital thereafter.

“What really happened was that, I went with a friend to buy some stuffs at FINREL Supermaket, Olomi on the fateful night, I left my friend behind inside the supermarket when am done with the goods I went to buy, so, at the entrance of the supermarket, there was a car parked, I have to managed the little space left for passers to wait for my friend in front of the supermarket, while waiting, i tried to empty my bladder into a gutter that lead to a carnal down the road.

“While trying to unzip my trouser, someone addressed me from the parked car, he raises his voice, calling me all sort of names, as I was trying to calm him down that, what am about to do is not an offense, he just signalled to some people standing not too far and they came to the scene.

“When the people came, thou, they were all dressed casual but, one of them was wearing Amotekun Trouser with rifle on his neck. I thought they were there to pacify the situation, but they did not, even didn’t ask me a single word, they descended on me, slapping me from every angles, one of them was also kicking me very hard with his jungle boot.

“I was already down and at the point, I did have an option but to beg for my life, they point their long gun on my head, saying they will kill me and report that am a thief. My friend came out, he saw how they were kicking me, he asked what have I done to warrant such inhuman treatment, they descended on him also, he was beaten as well.

“The assault and molestation was so much that, when they noticed, I was not able to talk or argue with them anymore, they stopped kicking me and said I should not try argue with any Amotekun operatives again anywhere because they were not trained to respect anybody but to beat and shoot and only answerable to governor Seyi Makinde even he ( governor Makinde ) can not stop them anymore.

“When I got home that night, thou, there was no visible physical injury but I begun to feel pains all over my body, the pain became so severe that I could not breathe very well. I was rushed to the hospital and was given some drugs. I am still taking medication.”

In reacting to the injustice melted on one of his colleagues, comrade
Fadare Blessing, the Student Union President, The Polytechnic Ibadan berated the incessant harassment of students by Ametekun Operatives.

He said, he thought Amotekun corps are set of people brought together to protect the lives and property of civilians but, in a shortest time becoming immortal and authoritarian.

“I was when I got the phone call that Asiwaju has been hospitalised, on getting there he said he was beaten and almost got killed by Amotekun operatives at Olomi. He said, even when he informed them that he did nothing.

“We didn’t know if the Amotekun officers are deriving joy in torturing innocent citizens, now they point their gun and shoot at will, they are now taking law into their hands, that is how they those
deployed to Oyo town killed a 400-level student of the University of Ibadan, Akolade Gbadebo.

“Also few days after killing Gbadebo, the officers also threatened to kill his brother Habeeb Gbadebo, the 22-year-old younger brother for asking about his brother’s death.

“It is high time we called on governor Makinde to review the activities of the newly established Oyo State Security Network Agency before they became a security terror in the state. The aim and objective for bring them to existence is commendable, but now they are becoming uncontrollable, shooting around the and harrasig innocent people.”

However, attempt to reach Amotekun coordinator from Oluyole as at the time of filling the report was unsuccessful as he is not reachable.


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