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Last week, I explored the profound relationship that existed between Governor Seyi Makinde and his now-dethroned PMS Chairman, Mukaila Lamidi. Conclusively, I argued that we might need not be bothered by the sudden fallout between the duo since we have limited knowledge about how their bromance started. I added that whatever damages ‘auxiliary’ and his boys must have caused during their reign of terror were realistically and practically impossible without the official go-ahead of the government. And whether those in power liked it or not, ‘the auxiliary’s horrendous escapades have come to glaringly defined and characterized the last four years of the government – OMITUNTUN 1.0 is incomplete with them.

But today, I want to look at the delusion of power and the lesson we can learn from what happened to the man who a few weeks ago was in the good book of the government. For the record, there is nothing spectacular or special about the reign of ‘auxiliary’ in Oyo state without the overt and covert backing and support of the government. He couldn’t have succeeded without the official leeway from those in authority. Basking in the euphoria of newfound power and influence immediately he was announced as the man to take charge of multi-million-naira transport sector in Oyo economy, the currently most wanted man in Oyo state had mistakenly assumed power is permanent and that nothing would stop him from running errand for his destiny helper. That if anything, his ability to thrust himself into the belly of the Governor regardless of his various gaffes and goofs will always work wonder for him.


Unfortunately, instead of behaving in ways that will strengthen and accentuate his bond with the Governor, he allowed the fragrance of power to get over his head. Frankly, the intoxication of power got the better part of him and he made more enemies than friends. In essence, he got consumed by the sweetness of government money: what many described as free money. Clearly, he was carried away by the showmanship that accompanied his time in office: the pecks, packages, pomp, and pageantry of riding with a dare-devil entourage. Until he was yanked off his office, he was still confident and certain that nothing will do him. Plus, the fear, panic and palpitation that usually hit people like thunderstorm anytime his violent convoy is in town must have also deluded him to think he is enormously powerful and remarkably untouchable.


In other words, his story is one of grace to gone. Of course, your own definition of grace might not capture the way ‘auxiliary’ come about his fortune but when you contextualize and situate his life around circumstances and happenstances that have come to be the hallmark of his life and legacy, you will realize he has truly enjoyed grace and that Makinde’s government has incredibly been gracious, generous and magnanimous toward him. As a frequent visitor to the prison particularly during the reign of Senator Abiola Ajimobi, Makinde’s magnanimity is anything sort of miracle. He was brought back to life after several years behind the bar.

He found favor in the hands of a man who wanted to beatified and glorified thuggery; a man whose political ideology sharply contrast that of his predecessor. With his ouster, people especially those within Ibadan metropolis can now heave a sigh of relief albeit temporarily. The assurance that the ‘auxiliary’s trouble is gone for good is enough of a blessing. No one should live in fear because those at the helms of affairs want to score cheap political points. You can’t kill the same people you want to save because your political adversaries seem dangerous and unpredictable.


But I wager that ousting ‘auxiliary’ is just one slice of the pie of expunging hooliganism from the heart of Ibadan and Oyo state in general. Allowing the free reign of ‘auxiliary’ has made the rise of other low-budget trouble makers possible in the state.

We now have other areas boys who were hitherto quiet in the eight years of Senator Ajimobi wrecking havocs in their respective areas because of the inspiration they got from that ex-convict. How to tackle the remnants of Mukaila Lamidi’s rabble rousers is now Makinde’s administration most consequential task in restoring and returning sanity, sanctity, normalcy, and stability needed for the socio-economic growth and development of the state.

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