Palliatives: Between ‘Hungry’ Leaders and ‘Angry’ Youths, Who are the real looters?


The recent discoveries of hoarded Palliatives as aftermaths of EndSARS protests across the nation is a proven, tested and solid testament that our leaders, and not the youths, are set of covetous hungry people whose phlegmatic fingers aren’t only trained on how to alter figures, but also to steal foods that belong to common people who have been hunted and penned down in hunger.

It can be described as high sense of insanity, in fact, it takes only ‘bushmen, men of pre- human throwback’ to steal what your entire generation can not consumed in hundreds of days. How can a sane man hoard food from those who is feeding him? Those palliatives were supposed to have been distributed during the heat of Convid-19 to cushion its effect but were delayed to serve the compulsive ambitions.

Who are the real looters? politicians who pilfered and stored foods meant for the common masses, or the angry youths who sneaked and meandered to politicians’ store-houses to take their rightful belongings? Are they not both looters? Instances may differ but the act is the same.

As Africans, We are taught better to believe that someone can only steal what belongs to him. Just the way our leaders are trying to spin it. Instead of them to honourably admit that they have failed, they transferred blames on those who after frantic efforts uncovered their evil agendas.

They wanted us to see those who took palliatives as ‘hoodlums, thieves and what have you. While they, like Sent-angels who wanted to deliver their message at good time.

Surprisingly, some state Governors have begun their manhunts for those who took what rightly belong to them. We have started seen how Security agencies unleased their misdirected zeal and professional prowess on people who had suffered from the set of people who stole their money, and also go after their food.

In fact, both innocent and culprits have been arrested. Those angry youths that couldn’t wait and see how those palliatives will be repacked and sold to us have been arrested. And for us, Instead of ‘thanking’ them for their quick-witted actions, we joined the tomfoolery. We tagged ‘hoodlums’.

May I quickly put to record that looting of Palliatives is entirely different from those who still or loot private organizations. No doubt, those who steal at various private organizations or place are practically thieves and should be treated as such. But, those who, after being almost being starve to death, made frantic efforts to discover warehouses where Palliatives were kept are supposed to be celebrated.

One glaring, yet unadmitted problem we have as a country is our unprofessional and surface-scratching approach to tacking and solving issues. We oftentimes made fruitless efforts to tackle problem at the surface level leaving the remote cause(s) unattended to. In sane climes, those Governors who hoarded relief materials would have been treated as the real suspects. They would have been held behind the bars for their refusal to distribute relief materials meant to cushion the effect of Convid-19. But in our clime, they manhunt and arrest innocent, angry youths to replace those who escaped from the prisons.


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