PROTEST: Ido PDP Youths, Residents Demand Removal of Council Chair Hon. Sheriff Adeojo (VIDEO)


In a dramatic turn of events, PDP youths and residents of Ido have stormed the Oyo State house of Assembly secretariat, demanding the immediate removal of Council Chair Hon. Sheriff Adeojo. The protesters, led by Mr. Abiola Jimoh and Ajibade Moruf, expressed their frustration with Adeojo’s alleged ineptitude and failure to deliver on his promises.


According to the protesters, since assuming office, Adeojo has neglected the needs of the people and failed to initiate any significant projects. They accused him of favoritism, appointing his girlfriends and allies to key positions while sidelining loyal party members. The protesters voiced their opposition to any backroom settlements by influential individuals, urging a fair and transparent investigation into the allegations against Adeojo.

One of the prominent voices among the protesters was Oludude Oluayo, the Ido PDP youth leader, along with other youth leaders representing wards 1 to 10. They joined forces to send a clear message to the state government that the people of Ido are tired of Adeojo’s leadership and demand a change.

In a letter addressed to His Excellency, Eng. Oluseyi Makinde, the Executive Governor of Oyo State, the PDP youths expressed their unwavering support for the suspension of Hon. Sheriff Adeojo as Ido Local Government Chairman. They highlighted his abysmal performance and lack of managerial skills, emphasizing that keeping him in office would hinder the development of Ido.

The letter also warned of the potential disastrous consequences for the PDP if Adeojo is nominated for the upcoming local government election. The PDP youths and citizens of Ido believe that his candidacy would be detrimental to the party’s chances of success.

The protesters echoed their plea for Governor Makinde to listen to the voice of the majority and take action against Hon. Sheriff Adeojo, ensuring that Ido regains a sense of peace and progress.

Governor Makinde’s response to this growing unrest remains to be seen, as the pressure mounts for decisive action in Ido Local Government.


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