Re : Omituntun 2.0, Why Makinde Must Check Seye Famojuro’s Excesses And Compensate Ibadan People’s 50% Votes


Good judgment comes from experience; inexperience comes from bad judgment. It is easier to see from all angles that the so- called Ibadan Mandate Forum (IMF group which real sons and daughters of Ibadan believe is non in existence is being hidden under a faceless being.

According to a statement signed by the Public Relation Officer of Oyo PMS Emiola Jelili, statistics are no substitute for judgment, all available data show that PMS under the new leadership has brought peace and decorum to pacesetting state.

It is true that the good people of Ibadan which comprises of 11 local government voted massively for Governor Makinde, this is widely connected to the good work of the governor as his touch of accelerated development was widely observed across the state.

Adults who use big words in order to seem intelligent are annoying, especially those who are not intelligent, the notion of the so called Akerele is nothing but trash. Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa was the secretary of defunct PMS disciplinary committee, he was next to the erstwhile chairman of the committee. The state government has done well by given the mantle of leadership to the next in command as he was not found wanting.

Oyo PMS noticed that the so called Ibadan Mandate Forum who has no address or phone number of the writer attached is nothing but trash of the week. Otunba Seye Famujuro who many has described as bridge builder is the one who ensure that smooth operation of PMS in Oyo State is achievable.

Akerele is an entitled individual who can’t just fit into the natural order, he just have to make something unnatural happen. Oyo PMS under the leadership of Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa who has been a member of transport union for more than thirty is what the writer cast as outsider.

Most unintelligent people do not regard themselves as that; they regard themselves as not that intelligent or not-that-wise. There is no division in Oyo PMS, the duty of each of the executive members were stated to them.

Prior to the announcement of new leadership of Oyo PMS, leaders of transport union were called to a stakeholders’ meeting, The stakeholders among others agreed to the imperativeness of a reorganisation of the PMS as well as need for appointment an Interim Management Committee for transport management in the State which produced Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa as the chairman.

There is a significant difference in Oyo PMS operations since assumption of office of new management committee. Otunba Adeseye Famojuro is a very dependable and loyal to the cause of the Oyo state governor, Engineer Oluseyi Makinde. He is man of many parts and his influence goes a long way to stabilize the administration of the governor in several ways.

Otunba Famojuro is also a unifying force, a man of impeccable character, who has never stopped to impress as he continually depicts the kind of relationship that should exist between a leader and his subordinate. He helps to maintain sanity as he has made invaluable contributions to the administration.

Otunba Seye Famojuro has never for once interfered into the activities of the PMS, all sectors has its own leader that oversees it’s section, the okada has it own chairman while the Marwa also has its own chairman same as the Micra and taxi has theirs, the mini bus section is also being control by a chairman.

It’s so embarrassing and ridiculous the allegations that the faceless Akerele is putting on Otunba Seye

Adeoti Akerele failed to state that Otunba Seye is very resourceful, a think-tank in all ramifications and a man of ideas and strategy, he is no doubt a strong pillar of Omituntun movement. He wants peace at all times.

Governor Makinde values peace, tranquility, decorum and perfection. He will not just attend to the good people of Ibadan alone but all zones of Oyo State. The role of PMS to the internal generated revenue of Oyo State is also adding value to the growth of Oyo State.

Our governor is a stateman, he loves those who add values to Oyo State, he saw this in Alhaji Tomiwa Omolewa and this made him qualify as the Chairman of Oyo PMS.

Emiola Jelili Abiodun
State PRO
Oyo state park management system


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