Tackling Urban Waste in Ibadan: A Comprehensive Approach for a Cleaner and Safer City


Dumping of waste in public spaces, such as overhead bridges and markets, has become a major concern in Ibadan. This practice, once confined to nighttime, now occurs openly during the day. The consequences are evident, with rotting fruits, littered drains, and refuse-filled sacks polluting the city.

The state government has been issuing warnings to discourage littering, particularly due to the increased risk of floods. Indeed, Ibadan has a history of devastating floods, and the current heavy rainfall forecasts further highlight the urgency of the situation.

To address this issue, the government needs to take concrete steps. Firstly, the provision of refuse drums to every household, along with mandatory payment into a designated account, would ensure proper waste disposal. Additionally, efforts should be made to recruit more waste collectors for thorough door-to-door waste evacuation. The existing private organizations responsible for distributing refuse drums are insufficient for the city’s population.

Education and awareness campaigns are crucial in areas like Beere, Foko, Oja’ba, Monatan, Oke Ado, and Oje. Residents must be educated on the importance of proper waste disposal to prevent environmental pollution and protect their health. Furthermore, the government should employ more workers to sweep the highways and ensure their well-being by providing timely salaries.

Strict regulations and penalties should be enforced to deter the indiscriminate dumping of waste. By holding a few individuals accountable and demolishing houses built along river banks, the government can send a clear message to others. Keeping gutters free of waste and improving housing structures are also essential for the overall improvement of the city.

It is imperative that the government takes immediate action to combat the issue of urban waste in Ibadan. By implementing these measures, we can work towards a cleaner and safer environment for all residents.


Asiwaju YSO Oladunni Writes From Ibadan North Local Government


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