Tourism Man of The Year: Jubril Dotun Sanusi Turning Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort to Disney Hub in Oyo State


On Wednesday 17th Aprill 2024, Oyo state government honoured some eminent personalities for their contributions to the promotion of tourism in Oyo state and Engineer Dotun Sanusi bagged the highest Honour as the “Tourism Man of the Year”, a honour well deserved.

Engineer Jubril Dotun Sanusi , the Chief Executive Officer of Ilaji Hotel and Sport Resorts is one of the few investors whose investment has attracted highest number of local and foreign traffic to Ibadan the capital city of Oyo state either for events, tourism conferences, sports and other activities and this has no doubt contributed greatly to the Internal Revenue Generated Revenue of the state.

Apart from attracting tourism traffic to the state, the business has hasten the development of Akaran axis where the resort is located and also helped other businesses to spring up in the area thereby reducing unemployment and boost creativity.

Tourism and hospitality sectors are low hanging fruits for revenue drive in any economy, the value chain in the sector affects virtually all the sectors and anybody that invested in the sector should not just be acknowledged but commended for contributing greatly to the social economic development of the state

Tourism and hospitality sector according to findings engage more people than any sectors and in the last few years when Ilaji hotels and Sports Resort started, over 5000 youths and other job seekers have been engaged and by statistics it is  one of the  largest employers of labour, the feat is remarkable in the history of Oyo State.

Jubril Dotun Sanusi has the capacity to establish Ilaji in Dubai, London. Canada, America or any part of the world but his passion to establish a city within city buoyed his passion to invest billions of naira in Ibadan with a view to create more jobs, extend development and make Ibadan a place of pride. so therefore, making him the Tourism Man of the year is a reward for his consistency and contributions to the advancement of the state.

Engineer Jubril Dotun Sanusi, a proud Indigene of Ibadan did not just make Ilaji Resorts a place to visit but a delight preferred distinctions but both local and foreign tourists because its all encompassing involving historical, sports, aquatic tourism and hospitality sectors with affordable rooms and quality services.

A visit to Ilaji Hotel and Sport resorts whill give you an insight into historical perspective of Ibadan, some of the warriors who have impacted positively to the advancement of the ancient city with their pictures and short history in a frame on hanged wall.

While I am concluding this piece by congratulating Chief Jubril Dotun Sanusi on the honour well deserved, I am confident of the fact that he will continue to sustain the tempo and make Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort another Disney world in Oyo State


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