Two Members of Oyomesi Might Go to Jail Over Planning to Auction The Stool of Alaafin— Prince Obalolu Oladigbolu


If a child’s thought is to die as an infant, the parents will be smart enough to bury the child in a hurry. This is the first time the kingmakers will be jailed in Nigeria, which is very good and perfect. So that it will serve as a lesson for others. unproductive elders who doesn’t care about the outcome of any situation, as long as money is involved.

Bashorun of Oyo High Chief Yusuff Layinka and Laguna of Oyo High Chief Akindele Oyedepo are good examples of such categories.

I have no doubt that if anyone approaches any of them and offer them money, there’s nothing they can not do. Yes, absolutely nothing.

We, oyo princes, have been warning them since almost a year now to desist from the path that leads to perish. And it’s quite obvious they are already determined and love to be jailed.

Non of the contenders to the stool of Alaafin will allow both Chief Bashorun and Chief Lagunna to position themselves in any moral justification .

Whatever you hear from Bashorun can never be truth, He has been making noise around, claiming he didn’t collect money from anyone, which is a very massive lie. If I am pushed to the wall, I will release a recorded conversation between Bashorun and some contenders who paid him a visit. That alone is enough to disqualify him to be among decision-making officers to select new Alaafin .

Bashorun can not choose a serial fraudster as Alaafin. Am just wondering if he (bashorun) hasn’t seen the allegation levelled against his candidate and haven’t dim it fit to advise him to go and defend himself in the court of law.

I am personally calling on Oyo State Government not just to call bashorun and Lagunna to order, but send them to jail for planning to auction our father’s heritage. They have collected money from almost , if not all, the contenders.

Whatever arrangements without every member of Oyomesi in present, Oyos won’t accept it. Bashorun and Lagunna are the highest bidding minded Chiefs. They have no respect for Omoluwabi status.
How can a chief hold such a reputable and respected traditional office not having regards for himself?.

You are presenting a candidate who doesn’t have a plan for his personal life, not to talk of a whole community. A candidate defrauding hard-working citizens around the nation, no verified academic qualifications, No occupation, no business known to him and such a person is now a choice candidate of a well-respected traditional office holder (the bashorun of oyo) is a national disgrace to yoruba race.

people should warn Lagunna and bashorun, whatever they have collected shouldn’t be spent yet, people are ready beyond their expectations. Fraudster and desperate illiterate can not be Alaafin. If he likes , he should go and make sacrifices with white horses along Oyo-Iseyin Road uncountable times. He can’t be alaafin. A failure who has been parading himself as alaafin even when late iku babayeye was alive can not be a good person.

Yorubas should warn bashorun, he is no superior to any Oyomesi. He’s just the mouthpiece of the group. Any decision he makes without consulting other members is automatically a failed move.

That’s why bashorun took a name to the government without the consent of others, and he came back embarrassingly.


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