Wage Award: Seyi Makinde The Polymath, Pacesetter Governor By Hon Rita Orji


In the wake of nationwide protests and economic turbulence caused by the removal of fuel subsidy, it’s heartwarming to find a true leader who not only understands the struggles of his people but takes swift, decisive action to alleviate their hardships.

Governor Seyi Makinde remains the epitome of talk and do leader, took up a difficult rout to increase the State’s wage bill to about N13 billion when the Federal and states are in disagreements with the new minimum wage award.

States are decalring equivocally that they have lean resources to pay for the overhead and cannot cave in for increase.

Remember that many states have backlogged of salary arrears while pensioners are dying in pains gradually. Alas! here comes Daniel on the throne, Governor SEYI MAKINDE, your footprint has already been annexed on the sand of time but your shoes in Oyo State will be very big for your successor to wear, you are indeed a creation from a different planet keep blazing the trail of excellence that your leadership is noted for.

He is such a leader, a beacon of compassionate leadership during these challenging times. It is with great joy and admiration that I, Hon. Rita Orji, commend and celebrate his visionary approach to governance and his unwavering dedication to the welfare of the people of Oyo State.

However, in celebrating Governor Makinde’s exemplary leadership, it’s crucial to contrast it with recent events in other states. Imo State, for instance, has seen protests and turmoil due to a backlog of unpaid salaries and pensions.

Just recently, we witnessed the shocking attack on Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, just like other states where workers are being owed several backlog of salaries not to talk of payment of pensions.

These events serve as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by many states, further underscoring the significance of Governor Makinde’s compassionate response to the economic challenges.

In this time of turmoil and uncertainty, Oyo State stands out as a shining example of how leadership should prioritize the welfare of its people. Governor Makinde’s response to the economic challenges caused by the removal of the subsidy is nothing short of extraordinary. He recognized that his people were going through tough times and responded with empathy and innovative solutions.

One of the most significant actions he has taken is the remarkable wage increase for state workers and pensioners. Under this new policy, state workers now receive a monthly wage of N25,000, while pensioners enjoy a monthly pension of N15,000.

This decision, combined with the ongoing developmental projects across the state, showcases Governor Makinde’s commitment to transforming Oyo State into a model of good governance and social responsibility.

Let’s also draw attention to the recent events in Ogun State, where protesters boldly called on their governor, Dapo Abiodun, to seek advice from Governor Seyi Makinde on how to run a government that truly serves the people.

This is a testament to the reputation that Governor Makinde has earned as a leader who listens to his people, understands their needs, and takes decisive actions to address them.

It is not just the increase in wages that sets him apart; it’s his dedication to creating a brighter future for Oyo State, even during challenging times.

Governor Makinde’s response to the economic challenges is not just about monetary support; it’s about restoring hope and trust in government.

His innovative and compassionate leadership positions Oyo State as a beacon of good governance and a model for other states to emulate.

In these challenging times, Governor Makinde has proven to be a true beacon of compassionate leadership, and it’s an honor to celebrate his unwavering commitment to the well-being of the people of Oyo State.

As I, Hon. Rita Orji, commend Governor Seyi Makinde, I hope that his visionary approach to governance will continue to inspire leaders across the nation to prioritize the welfare of their people, even in the face of adversity. We need more leaders like Governor Makinde who understand that compassionate leadership is the key to a brighter future for all.

Hon Rita opined that the leadership acumen of Governor Seyi Makinde will continue to inspire other leaders across the nation to prioritize welfare of citizenry even in the face of economic adversities confronting our nation.

Hon. Barrister Rita Orji is an ally of Governor Seyi Makinde, she writes from Abuja.


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