Again Oloye Benedict Akika Honored With Award of Human And Capital Development By NASEG


The national body of the National Youth and Students Enterprise Group (NASEG), has bestowed award of excellence to the Agba-Akin of Olorunda Abaa, Oloye Benedict Akika.

The award presentation was done by the National president of National Youth and Students Enterprise Group (NASEG), Comrade
Olalere Benedict, adding that the body find the recipiant worthy of the award, after his many developmental strides that cut across almost all the local government Areas in the State.

They further urge him to continue the good work he has been doing over the years to develop people and inturn grow the economy of the society he resides.

In a statement by the group, made available to TODAY SPLASH by it’s media relations person, admonished the person of Oloye Benedict Akika, the statement reads….


Solidarity Greetings from National Youth and Students Enterprise Group (NASEG), the umbrella body for all the Youth and Students that are Entrepreneurship incline in Nigeria.
All glory be to the Almighty God the maintenance and Sustenance of the Universe.

The Leadership of National Youth and Students Enterprise Group (NASEG) has found a worthy Leader to emulate, an Innovative Leader who believe much in Youth Capacity development and empowerment, the Leadership who has proven beyond doubt that some Leader can still be trusted if given opportunity to serve. The Leader we are talking about is no other person than Chief Benedict Akika.

After lot of deliberation on your kind of Leadership, National Youth and Students Enterprise Group (NASEG) take a crital assessment on the passion of your Leadership towards human capacity development , most especially the immensely contributions to youth empowerment in Nigeria, in all ramifications this honour is in recognition of your passion for Youth and Students developmental projects at all times, your concern for Youth Development.

Chief Benedict Akika over the years has always been proactive in matters related to Youth and Students, he has shown to the Youth and Students Community that he is a Lovely father.

Today has come, today will reveal the activities of tomorrow, Chief Obafemi Awolowo said and I qoute that is not life that matters but courage we put into it, because after darkness comes a victorious dawn.
A wise Man once said that Life is not quantify by how many houses you build, how many cars you have, your grammatical construction or how handsome or beautiful you are, no, Life is quantify by how many Life you have affected Positively, how many face will smile when your name is being mention. Chief Benedict Akika epresents this Philosophy over the years by creating ideas and values for Individuals, youth and old, catering for the less Previldege Students around him.

This honour that is betowed on our Leader, is to seek for his Support in remodeling and rebranding the Association to meet up with the demands of the Youth and Students development across Nigeria, henceforth whatever affects Chief Benedict Akika affect us all in Nigeria, whosoever touches you touches over 10.1 millions Youth and Students of National Youth and Students Group across Nigeria and in diaspora.

There is lot of programme that is ineup in the Association ranging room beyond School Certificate (BSC) where we engage Youth and Students in Entrepreneurship training, Land for Students, NASEG Students Accomodation Intervention Scheme where we sort out part payment for Students who has Financial Challenge in Accomodation, and NASEG Entrepreneurship Tour that will be coming up by February 2023 where some few selected Executives and members will be visiting China and also attend a World Education Summit we are looking up for your Support towards the reality of all our Line up Projects.

Sir, Congratulations on the well deserve honour and task to build Youth and Students Structure in Nigeria.

In Conclusion, Abraham Lincoln would have you in mind when he said and I quote:Gold is good in it’s place; but loving, brave, patriotic men are better than Gold. Sir, you are a loving, brave, patriotic Man, you are better than Gold and we glad to come and identify with you sir.
Identifying with you is identify with light, it’s identify with greatness, it’s identify with a better Nigeria, is identifying with Innovation, hope to see you ride on a great Platform in Nigeria.

God Bless NASEG.
God bless Chief Benedict Akika.
God bless Omituntun Benedict Forum (OBF).
God Bless Nigeria.


Conrade Olalere Benedict Adetunji
The NASEG President.


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