Alaafin: Atiba Local Government Chairperson ‘Hon. kafilat Olakojo’ The Perfector of Cheatery Ambition And Exhibitions—Prince Ajibade Adejobi Agogoija.


As long as moses refuses to go to the mountain, the mountain will remain stagnant.

Now, I have been confused beyond my reasonable doubt to adhere to islamic law that insisted that woman should not be a leader. The first time i red the. Verse verse from holy Quran and some quotations of hadith saying the woman should not even lead home not to talk of society. I was not in agreement with such gender discrimination. But as time went on, I realised that without following the commandments of Holy qurhan, we are all just wasting our time .

Corroborating this to the process of selection new alaafin.

If some Adamants among the kingmakers refused to be moderated, they shall undoubtedly, forcefully, and disgracefully moderated.

The executives chairperson of atiba local government ( Hon kafilat olakojo) in Conjuction with the money monger bashorun of oyo ( chief Olayinka) are the ones behind the delay .

Hon kafilat olakojo is the one perfecting all the atrocities exhibited by bashorun by giving him executives soft landing to ensure the fowl play is achieved in her department. (Local government level)

We have been watching her for sometimes before speaking out now.

Anytime government gives her order to do A B and C, she will normally do is XYZ.

what government asked her to do is far from what she’s doing. How can a local government chairperson deliver a letter that is main for a group of people (Oyo-mesi) to one person (bashorun) without others in present. No acknowledgement copy and all. Is she an illiterate or what , If the people letter was directed to claims they dint received any letter from her , what will be her prove and or evidence?

If others do not care to rack their brains to realize what must have caused that, We do.

She’s has been bought over by bashorun and syndicates.

Whatever agreement, promises, or things she had collected from fraudulent bashorun and his syndicates, anyone close to her should warn her to discontinue that nonsense and return whatever given to her by failures. because she’s too small to execute such assignments.

Don’t buy pancake powder and clothes with what you collected from bashorun and his syndicates , they will come for you latter because they shall fail SPECTACULARLY. they can’t work hand to hand to install serial fraudster as new King.
We have already identified our new King. Anyone could go to oyo and demands for people’s opinions, they will tell you who they want as new alaafin. Whether is rich or not, tall or short, handsome or ugly, as long his pedigree is sellable to the world, we are ok. he shall be new alaafin. Any oracle with any suggestion of a fraudster as new King shall be burnt down.

We are calling on government to warn Hon kafilat to stay away from ever lasting crisis and focus on her constitutional responsibilities before her status change from Honourable member to Horrible member.

Why can’t she call all the Oyo-mesis in council and deliver the letter to them so that they could open the letter and see the contents together at tbe same time. But due to dirty ambition and horrible agreement some of the had , the Hon couldn’t do that . How will others know the contents of the letter directed to them? He asked.

Or they are planning to tell other members the contents of the letter verbally? No. That’s Corruption.

Stop going to Bashorun’s House. If there’d any information, summon them all and deliver the message.

A young woman who was elected as a local government chairperson under the influence of other’s pedigree is now making people to regret of having mercy on her. I wonder where she envisioned herself politically in future with this faulty integrity.

We might not be in government office, but non of you in government can act outside the provision of the Constitution .

Don’t waste your time liaison with bashorun and his syndicates. People are waiting for them. To avoid visiting your office or wherever you could hide. Remember what happens during the END SARs across the nation, that will be Christmas celebrations compare to what indigenes are planning if bashorun and his syndicates makes any fraudulent final decision.


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