Aseyin: Selection Process Suffers Major Setback As Priest Joins Ancestors


The selection process for the new Aseyin of Iseyin in Oyo State has suffered a major setback.


This is owing to the transition of the Oro priest in the town.

The Aseyin of Iseyin stool became vacant as a result of the demise of Aseyin of Iseyin, Oba Abdulganiy Salawudeen Adekunle Ologunebi Ajinase 1.


Our correspondent, however, reports that the selection process for his replacement has suffered a major setback due to the demise of Pa Ashiru Ajala Oroleye.

Oroleye was installed as the Aaba Odofin Aseyin about seven years ago.

The Oro priest that partakes in the installation rites of new Aseyin died on Thursday.

An indigene of Iseyin who begged not to be mentioned, maintained that the installation of any Aseyin must be done by the Aaba Odofin, alongside other priests like the Oluwo Aseyin of Iseyin.


The source noted that the installation of the new priest will have to be done as soon as possible to avoid further delay in the selection process.

One of the princes from the Olugbile family, Prince Femi Olalere, who spoke on Thursday, added that all possible efforts would be put in place to have another Aaba Odofin in place soonest, so as not to hamper the ongoing selection process.


He said, “The efforts to replace the Aaba will not be delayed. It is important so as not to hamper the ongoing selection process of picking a new Aseyin.

“People should not be afraid of the effects of the death of Pa Oroleye, he has come and performed his role excellently and we will miss him.”



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