DISCLAIMER: Alaro/Idito Pedestrian Bridge is Financially Assisted, Not A Constituency Project of Hon. Olaide Akinremi


It has come to our attention, the picture of a pedestrian bridge that links the Alaro and Idito communities in Sango area of Ibadan North Local Government, Oyo State which carries a banner with the picture of Hon. Prince Olaide Akinremi popularly known as Jagaban, the House of Representatives member representing Ibadan North Federal Constituency, and which has been circulating online.

We want to use this avenue to unequivocally state that the said pedestrian bridge is NOT part of the constituency projects of Hon. Olaide Akinremi, however, it is a project he financially supported for construction by the communities themselves, just as he has committed financial resources to numerous other community related projects in his constituency.

Following several years of neglect of the Alaro and Idito communities on the reconstruction of this pedestrian bridge by the Oyo State Government and Ibadan North Local Government leaderships, leaders of the communities reached out to Hon. Olaide Akinremi for help, and he gave them the required amount to have the pedestrian bridge reconstructed by the communities themselves to serve their people.

The communities who currently are appreciative of the financial commitment of Hon. Olaide Akinremi to fixing of the pedestrian bridge went ahead to put banners in acknowledgement of the man who had solved their plight following long neglect by Oyo state government and Ibadan North Local Government leaderships. We must also state that Hon. Olaide Akinremi has never been to the site of this bridge, neither did any form of commissioning event take place after the community reconstructed it.

Interestingly, there are several other intervention projects, that are not part of Hon. Olaide Akinremi’s constituency projects but that he has financed over the years, as the current Oyo State and Ibadan North Local Government leaderships have continually failed and disappointed the people of Ibadan North.

A critical example is the Aduloju community which has been suffering from years of black out due to faulty transformer, and also getting terrorized every other night by men of the underworld. They have written to the Oyo State Government and Ibadan North Local Government leaderships over the years but have received no sympathy nor help.

They also reached out to Hon. Prince Olaide Akinremi Jagaban for help, and while he honored their invitation and visited them 1 week ago, he financially assisted their situation by paying for the transformer repairs, as well as for the construction of entrance gate, which is to be done by the community themselves to greatly assist in securing their environment.

Hon. Prince Olaide Akinremi have committed millions of naira from his personal purse to the repair of faulty transformers, boreholes, drainages and other important facilities across several communities in Ibadan North in a short space of time, and all of these are interventions that are not part of his constituency projects. Important to note is that these communities have reached the current Oyo State Government severally but have repeatedly been ignored.

As such, it is pathetic that sympathizers of the current Oyo State Government and Ibadan North Local Government leaderships found fun in the ineptitude and laissez faire attitude of their non-performing office holders, and would rather mock the people of Alaro and Idito communities on the type of pedestrian bridge they constructed, meanwhile, they have offered no help in all the years of the communities reaching out to them.

We are charging the current Oyo State Government and Ibadan North Local Government leaderships to take the welfare of the people serious. Hon. Olaide Akinremi has been giving his best in service to his people following the obvious vacuum in the expected commitment of the current Oyo State Government to Ibadan North as a whole.

Hon. Olaide Akinremi has distinguished himself as an all round performing House of Representatives member with landmark completed projects, in the form of provision of thousands of quality solar streetlights to various communities, fully furnished classrooms construction in several schools with furniture and ceiling fans in all classrooms, boreholes provision for communities in dire need, maternity & health centre constructions, enviable empowerment programmes, health and welfare initiatives that has benefitted thousands of his constituents in Ibadan North Federal Constituency of Oyo State.

Hon. Olaide Akinremi has facilitated employment for hundreds of graduates, provided scholarships for hundreds of indigent students, provided sessional educational materials for students in primary and secondary schools which is also another aspect that has always been kicked against by the current Oyo State Government who still has nothing to offer the good people of Ibadan North.

He is an outstanding and model Reps. Member who continues to touch the lives of the common man, and cheap propaganda and blackmail from any quarter have no hold on his assured re-election to the House of Representatives come February 25th 2023.

Micheal Adegbuyi
S.A Media & Publicity.


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