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Practice Guaranty Trust Bank past questions and answers for the 2023 Graduate Trainee Recruitment exams so as to study and prepare ahead. The download is free and in PDF format.

Practicing with past questions and answers is a great way to boost your confidence and increase your chances of success.

Application for the GTBank Graduate Trainee Programme 2023 is available for eligible candidates.

Basically, the GTBank Aptitude Test is a Computer-Based Assessment (CBA) and is a multiple-choice question that is divided into different categories. Namely

  1. Quantitative Reasoning
    1. Verbal reasoning
    2. Logical Reasoning

During the aptitude test, you will encounter 60 questions which you are to complete in 120 minutes. This means you have 2 minutes to answer each question.

Numerical reasoning contains basic, but logical quantitative questions, while verbal reasoning is not different from many standard aptitude tests.

Guaranty Trust Bank past questions and answers

1) If the books have been cataloged last week, why haven’t they been placed on the shelf?
A. have been cataloged
B. would have been cataloged
C. was cataloged
D. were cataloged
E. had been cataloged.

2) Jessica Mitford wrote The American Way of Death, a best-selling book, that led eventually to an official investigation of the funeral industry.
A. that led eventually
B. that had led eventually
C. that eventually led
D. which led eventually
E. who eventually led

3) Sabotage came from the French saboter, which means“to clatter with wooden shoes (sabots).”
A. which means “ to
B. which means, “ to
C. that means “to
D. that means- “to
E. that means, “to

4) In studying an assignment it is wise to read it over quickly at first, than see the major points, and finally outline the material.
A. first, than
B. first: then
C. first-then
D. first, then
E. first-than

5) To judge the Tidy City contest, we picked an uninterested party.
A. picked an uninterested party.
B. picked an interested party!
C. picked a disinterested party.
D. are in the process of picking an uninterested party.
E. picked an disinterested party.

6) Linda decides they had better scram before the killers find them.
A. had better scram
B. had better leave
C. should hurry and scram
D. could hurry and leave
E. had better get out

7) I really dug the character of Brutus.
A. dug
B. thought about
C. thought of
D. admired
E. gazed at

8) Once upon a point a time, a small person named Little Red Riding Hood initated plans for the preparation, delivery and transportation of foodstuffs to her Grandmother.
A. and transportation of foodstuffs to her Grandmother.
B. and transportation of food stuffs to her Grandmother.
C. and transportation of food supplies to her Grandmother.
D. and transportation of foodstuffs to her grandmother.
E. and, transportation of food supplies to her grand mother.

9) The setting of a story effects the story’s plot.
A. effects the story’s plot
B. effects the stories plot
C. affect the story’s plot
D. affects the story’s plot
E. affects the story’s plots

10) Arctic trees are scrubbiest than trees in milder climates.
A. scrubbiest than trees
B. scrubbier then trees
C. scrubbiest than are trees
D. scrubbier than are trees
E. scrubbier than trees

11) Hours of driving laid ahead of us.
A. laid
B. have lain
C. lay
D. has lay
E. lie

12) By the time we get to the picnic area, the rain will stop.
A. will stop
B. shall stop
C. will has stopped
D. shall have stopped
E. will have stopped

13) If Judy would not have missed the deadline, the yearbook delivery would have been on time.
A. would not have missed
B. should have not missed
C. wouldn’t have missed
D. had not missed
E. would have not missed

14) We spent Sunday afternoon wandering aimless in the park.
A. wandering aimless
B. wandering aimlessly
C. wandering without purpose
D. wandering in an aimless manner
E. wandering almost aimlessly

15) Only after I went home did I remember my dental appointment.
A. went home
B. had went home
C. had gone home
D. gone home
E. should go home

16) The book lay open at page 77.
A. lay open
B. laid open
C. lied open
D. lain open
E. was laid open

17) By this time next year Johanna will begin classes at the University of Colorado.
A. will begin classes
B. will have begun classes
C. has began classes
D. should begin classes
E. should have begun classes

18) After comparing my air conditioner with the one on sale, I decided that mine was the most efficient.
A. was the most efficient.
B. should be the most efficient.
C. was the more efficient.
D. was, by far the most efficient
E. should be considered the most efficient.

19) I would have liked to have gone swimming yesterday.
A. to have gone swimming
B. to go swimming
C. to had gone swimming
D. to go to swim
E. to of gone swimming

20) I wish I read the chapter before I tried to answer the questions.
A. read the chapter
B. would read the chapter
C. should of read the chapter
D. could have read the chapter
E. had read the chapter

21) If Lynn can type a page in p minutes, what piece of the page can she do in 5 minutes?
A. 5/p
B. p – 5
C. p + 5
D. p/5
E. 1- p + 5

22) If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hour, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?
A. 2 hours and 24 minutes
B. 3 hours and 12 minutes
C. 3 hours and 44 minutes
D. 4 hours and 10 minutes
E. 4 hours and 33 minutes

23) Employees of a discount appliance store receive an additional 20% off of the lowest price on an item. If an employee purchases a dishwasher during a 15% off sale, how much will he pay if the dishwasher originally cost $450?
A. $280.90
B. $287
C. $292.50
D. $306
E. $333.89

24) The sales price of a car is $12,590, which is 20% off the original price. What is the original price?
A. $14,310.40
B. $14,990.90
C. $15,290.70
D. $15,737.50
E. $16,935.80

25) Solve the following equation for A : 2A/3 = 8 + 4A
A. -2.4
B. 2.4
C. 1.3
D. -1.3
E. 0

26) If Leah is 6 years older than Sue, and John is 5 years older than Leah, and the total of their ages is 41. Then how old is Sue?
A. 8
B. 10
C. 14
D. 19
E. 21

27) Alfred wants to invest $4,000 at 6% simple interest rate for 5 years. How much interest will he receive?
A. $240
B. $480
C. $720
D. $960
E. $1,200

28) Jim is able to sell a hand-carved statue for $670 which was a 35% profit over his cost. How much did the statue originally cost him?
A. $496.30
B. $512.40
C. $555.40
D. $574.90
E. $588.20

29) The city council has decided to add a 0.3% tax on motel and hotel rooms. If a traveler spends the night in a motel room that costs $55 before taxes, how much will the city receive in taxes from him?
A. 10 cents
B. 11 cents
C. 15 cents
D. 17 cents
E. 21 cents

30) A student receives his grade report from a local community college, but the GPA is smudged. He took the following classes: a 2 hour credit art, a 3 hour credit history, a 4 hour credit science course, a 3 hour credit mathematics course, and a 1 hour science lab. He received a “B” in the art class, an “A” in the history class, a “C” in the science class, a “B” in the mathematics class, and an “A” in the science lab. What was his GPA if the letter grades are based on a 4 point scale? (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)
A. 2.7
B. 2.8
C. 3.0
D. 3.1
E. 3.2

31) Add 0.98 + 45.102 + 32.3333 + 31 + 0.00009
A. 368.573
B. 210.536299
C. 109.41539
D. 99.9975

E. 80.8769543

32) Find 0.12 ÷ 1
A. 12
B. 1.2
C. .12
D. .012
E. .0012

33) (9 ÷ 3) x (8 ÷ 4) =
A. 1
B. 6
C. 72
D. 576
E. 752

34) 6 x 0 x 5
A. 30
B. 11
C. 25
D. 0
E. 27

35) 7.95 ÷ 1.5
A. 2.4
B. 5.3
C. 6.2
D. 7.3
E. 7.5

36) -32 + 7 equals:
A. -25
B. 25
C. -26
D. 26
E. 27

37) -37 + -47 equals:
A. 64
B. -84
C. 65
D. -75
E. -66

38) 41% equals:
A. 4.1
B. 41
C. 041
D. 0041
E. 00415

39) What is the absolute value of -9?
A. -9
B. 9 ANS
C. 0
D. -1
E. 1

40) What is the median of the following list of numbers? 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12
A. 6
B. 7.5
C. 7.8
D. 8
E. 9

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