Oke-Ogun Youth Coalition Fault Call For Suspension of LAUTECH College of Agriculture Takeoff in Iseyin


A coalition of youths organiations and the National Council of the Federation of Iseyin Local Government Students (FILGS) have reacted to a statement credited to the Federation of Ogbomoso students (FOGSU), urging Oyo State Governor, Mr Seyi Makinde to stop the commencement of the University’s College of Agricultural Science and Renewable Natural Resources in Iseyin in May.

FOGSU had in a publication on Monday with the headline “LAUTECH: Stop Movement of Agricultural Faculty To Iseyin–FOGSU”, called on the Governor to stop the commencement of academic activities in the Iseyin campus, citing fears of what will become of the infrastructures to be left at the mother campus by the faculty of agriculture.

The release, signed by FOGSU President, Olarinde Muyideen, appealed to the governor to reconsider his stand on the issue and accused the Acting Provost of the new College, Professor Jacob Gbemiga Adewale of seeking personal gains and ambition by bringing the Governor and the students body of Ogbomoso on collision course.


In their reaction, the coalition of youths movements that include Progressive Movement of Oke-Ogun (PROMO), Iseyin Youths Development Group (IYDG), Ebedi Frontliners, Iseyin (EFI), Ebedi Renaissance, Iseyin (ERI) and FILGS, after an emergency meeting which was held at the Aseyin Palace Pavilion on Monday called on members of FOGSU not to allow themselves to be used by disgruntled politicians to drive a wedge between the Ogbomoso and Iseyin townships, as the two ancient communities shared communal culture and development over time.

Aare Babajide Oniyo, the Coordinator of Iseyin Youths Development Group (IYDG), said whole speaking with journalists after the meeting that “Our attention has been drawn to a petition and proposed protest slated for 7am tommorow 11th May, 2023 initiated by some unscrupulous elements under the guise of Federation of Ogbomoso Students Union (FOGSU) to stop the commencement of Academic Academic activities of LAUTECH College of Agriculture and Renewable Natural Resources, Iseyin campus slated for May, 2023.

“This call is highly destructive, inciting and capable of destroying the state’ peace, hence calling on concerned authorities to identify and deal decisevely with those behind this satanic move.


“It is suprising that a reasonable organisation could decend so low to release such statement and still be proud to sign the same without being shameful. We have gotten the notice of the protest which was secretly circulated amongst the group, hence calling the concerned authorities to forestall the break down of law and Orderliness.

“We have also gone through the petition addressed to the People’s Governor, MrOluseyi Makinde through one online news platform, and we cannot fathom any reasonable, authentic and substantial points other than malicious, unfounded, inciting, selfish and destructive points capable of throwing the state into confusion, destruction and anarchy.


“In the petition, FOGSU noted its displeasure over the proposed relocation of Faculty of Agriculture to Iseyin, worried of what becomes of the Facility built in Ogbomosho for same, It also stated that the students were given admissions for a 5 years course in Ogbomoso and not Iseyin. Hence, its grievances.

“The body should be schooled that government policies have procedures and same have been completed for the relocation of the said faculty and the establishment of LAUTECH College of Agriculture and Renewable Natural Resources in Iseyin. The process successfully scaled through 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings in the Oyo plenary and was ascented to by the Governor.

“They should be reminded that the well read legislators, including members from Ogbomoso zone, are representing the interest of the entire state in the State Assembly and have found same to be in order, hence, passage of same to become law.

“It is then sufficient to state that any association calling for the premature termination of this State’s well thought of plan is an enemy of the state and should be treated as such by the government and concerned authorities.

“May we also educate the FOGSU that the facility in Ogbomoso can be used for other purposes as the institution has potential for further growth beyond it’s current position. Same can be used to accommodate more students for other faculties amongst others. The Association should also detest the parochial thinking that LAUTECH can not have satellite campus(es). It should be reminded that the polytechnic Ibadan refered to in it’s release had once had The Polytechnic Eruwa and ÒkèÒgùn Polytechnic Shaki as satellite campuses. The later and the former still have potentials of having satellite Campuses as the state deemed necessary.

“In addition, if the association is one to reckon with and has been following the trend and abreast of the states happenings, it could have known that the state already has plans for making LAUTECH a conventional University where other disciplines like law, Education, Medicine and others will be read. Such that other zones can also have a feel of government presence and Education will be available for the kith and kin.

It is worthy of note that the Iseyin Campus which is still undergoing serious construction already has 500 Seater Lecture Theater, 500 Seater Auditorium and College Administrative Complex, contrary to FOGSU malicious position that the Iseyin facilities are inadequate to receive the 200 level students slated for resumption in May.

“Furthermore, for the ease of movement and access, the Oyo State Government has constructed a road linking Iseyin and Ogbomoso. What else can these set of students do to discredit the good work of His Excellency, Governor Oluseyi Makinde who’s always on fairness, equity and justice.


“Outside the watery position of FOGSU, It should be noted that Iseyin and the entire Oke-Ogun has always being a friend of Ogbomoso and has since time immemorial been cooperative to all Ogbomoso development, even resulted in the birth of LAUTECH itself. This history is verifieble.

“Another close evidence of ÒkèÒgùn’s hospitality and tolerance of Ogbomosho is the Ogbomoso born politician and Senator of the Federal Republic representing Oyo North in the National Assembly Abuja, who’s about to commence his 3rd term as a Senator. He couldn’t have been victorious over his other contestants with Ogbomosho’s 3 local government votes. He was fully embraced in ÒkèÒgùn in his 3 terms bids even when he was outrightly rejected twice from home. This move by Ogbomoso FOGSU is as good as bitting the fingers that fed them.

“It should be well noted that the good people of ÒkèÒgùn having extended hands of generousity, brotherhood and friendship to Ogbomoshos since ages wouldn’t tolerate any act capable of twarthing the development of our region which has been marginalised since the early days of Oyo State. We shall resist this with all means legal.”

Hammed Saheed Adeyemi who is the National President of Progressive Movement of Oke-Ogun (PROMO) urged the protesting FOGSU members not to look at the development from the parochial angle of the University domiciling in their community, but the general good that will come to neighboring communities if the College commence operation in Iseyin, parts of which is the newly-constructed Iseyin-Fapote-Ogbomoso road that has become an answered prayer for the Oke-Ogun and Ogbomoso people.

“The rational, educated and well informed people of Oke-Ogun and Oyo State at large supports and appreciates the ingenuity of His Excellency, Governor Seyi Abiodun Makinde not only for the peaceful dialogue to take absolute control of the great citadel of learning but also to think of multi campus system which will improve the economic and social development of many other regions and cities in the state.

“This focus on urbanization and job creation have started to materialized as a lot of people participated in the construction of the Institution among other areas of job creation.

“It is of no doubt also that the social status of Oke-Ogun have improved from a region without any university to one hosting a modernized infrastructural campus.


“Students’ resumption to this university will improve the lives of many and will also improve the state’s revenue.

“However, it is very unfortunate that some set of people or group, “likely sponsored”, are planning to frustrate the success of this project by going against student’s resumption.

“We call on such individuals or groups that doing so means declaring war against Oke-Ogun region and such won’t be taken lightly, we want to urge anyone or people planning such to eliminate such thought with immediate effect as we will respond to them in the language they understand, if they proceed with such hidden agenda.

“Lastly, we want to urge every well-meaning sons and daughters of Oke-Ogun to take this as a call to watch out, vigilant and be at alert untill academic activities begin in the University and we should use any position we are to ensure its fruition.”

The National Council of the Federation of Iseyin Local Government Students (FILGS), said there is no going back on the resumption target of the the College in Iseyin as the said they were of unwavering assurance that Governor Makinde will not rescind on his decisions to move the State forward, parts of which is the establishment of the College in Iseyin.

In his own submission, the National President of FILGS, Conrade Andrew Adisa called on the Governor to ignore those calling for the suspension of the College’s resumption, adding that “I have to state clearly that the good people of Iseyin and its environment cast their votes for you during Governor Makinde’s first tenure and the last concluded gubernatorial election because we totally believed in his government to bring the needed change to the Oke Ogun part of the State.

“He fulfilled many of the promises made by including Iseyin and its environment in every of his developmental plans for the state as his watchword has always been “to bring development to every nook and cranny of the state.


“Some organisations have organised themselves and aimed to sabotage your plans with protest which are targeted against the actualisation of LAUTECH Iseyin Campus.

“This is purported at making you to rescind your decision or change the plan of the campus. Their so-called views or protests are nothing but an act of political biases and regional hatred. Many universities and colleges have multi campus and are functioning absolutely well. Why should the case of LAUTECH be different? Why should some regions take themselves too superior to others? Why will some regions be left underdeveloped? Many schools run multi campus system and run them perfectly like

Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT),

Osun State University (UNIOSUN), UniUyo, Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Delta State University (DELSU), FUOYE, Lagos State University (LASU) among others, ours will not be an exception,” they declared.


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