Job Vacancies at Lafarge Cement


Lafarge Cement (Lafarge Africa Plc) is a member of the LafargeHolcim Group – the biggest building and concrete solutions company in the world. It is a publicly quoted company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

Lafarge serves Nigeria and South Africa with a wide range of building and construction solutions designed to meet housing and construction needs from small projects like individual home buildings to major construction and infrastructure projects.

Applications are invited from interested and qualified candidates to apply for the Job Vacancies at Lafarge Cement.

Internal Control Senior

Job Specifications:

  • Full Time
  • Required Qualifications: BA/BSC/HND
  • Location: Lagos | Nigeria.
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Job Description:

Execute the Internal Control Plan in relation to Logistics activities in geographical area of responsibility as developed by the Internal Control Manager and assist in performance of an independent appraisal of the effectiveness of the policies, procedures and standards by which the country’s financial, physical and information resources are managed.

Add value by acting as a facilitator in business risk management and carrying out value for money reviews, thereby assisting the management in the effective discharge of their responsibilities.


  • Work closely with the Internal Control Manager to ensure a system is in place which ensures that all major risks of the company are identified and analyzed, on a continuous basis
  • Highlight areas of risk and process gaps identified in Logistics Activities.
  • Plan, organize and carry out the internal audit function as it related to logistics activities
  • Support in preparation of Logistics report package to the group and audit committee on the policies, programs and activities of the department
  • Report on the findings of Logistics Process reviews and assist Internal Control manager in monitoring management’s response and implementation
  • Report to the Internal control manager on the value for money that the company obtains in all its logistics activities with special regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Execute any logistics reviews or tasks requested by plant management, the Audit Committee, Chief Executive or Chief Financial Officer via the Internal Control Manager provided such reviews and tasks do not compromise the independence or objectivity of the internal control function
  • Provide Internal Control Manager with an opinion on the internal controls within the operations.
  • Communicating, educating and ensuring strict compliance with Company’s Policies & procedures
  • Perform special investigation of cases in a professional manner when called upon.

Job Dimensions

  • List of direct reports:
    • None
  • Key interfaces, stakeholders and relationships:
    • Internal Control Manager – Logistics
    • Plant Operations/Management
    • Business Process Owners

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

  • Quality Internal Control Reports
  • Internal Control Quality
  • Process Documentations
  • Investigation Reports
  • Impact of Audit and Control on Staff
Qualifications and Requirements:

Technical / Functional Skills:

  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Minimum of 4 years of relevant job experience either in an internal audit function or relevant logistics experience
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Understanding of the cement industry or a similar business and regulatory environment
  • Strong computer skills especially Excel, Word, PowerPoint and email applications
  • Ability to prioritize with excellent time management skills
  • Good attention to detail
  • A knowledge of audit procedures, including planning, techniques, test and sampling methods involved in conducting audits
  • An ability to gather, analyze and evaluate facts and to prepare and present concise oral and written reports
  • An ability to maintain current knowledge of developments related to business matters of interest to internal audit


  • Membership of ICAN, ACCA, CPA or equivalent
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) – Exams may be taken after hiring

Behavioral Competence:

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong team player
  • Adaptable
  • Tact and tolerant
  • Ability to work well under pressure and adhere to set deadlines
  • Resilient and Motivated
  • Proactive Approach to Problem Solving

Leadership and Managerial Abilities:

  • Excellent management skills and ability to organize and plan effectively to meet both short and long-range goals and objectives.
  • Ability to manage multiple project plans successfully and simultaneously.
  • Ability to motivate individuals and teams
  • Able to coach and direct a diverse team.

Mechanical Inspector

Job Specifications:

  • Full Time
  • Required Qualifications: BA/BSC/HND
  • Location: Lagos | Nigeria.
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Job Description:

The primary objective of the Mechanical Inspector is to monitor equipment condition on a continuous basis and analyze trends in order to ascertain the required maintenance interventions (mechanical, electrical, mobile equipment) necessary to maximize equipment reliability, performance and life expectancy, at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining the production functions.


  • Take a lead in the enforcement of Lafarge safety rules and guidelines through Visual Felt Leadership (VFL) while ensuring adherence by Maintenance teams.
  • Ensure the planned inspection of all plant equipment and initiate work orders based on inspection results, including safety checks. In case of anomaly, performs first analysis and defines priorities for each action.
  • Monitor and co-ordinate condition predictors, for all critical equipment.
  • Coach and develop other maintenance practitioners involved in Inspection and Execution functions.
  • Liaise with production personnel regarding operating procedures, which have an impact on equipment.
  • Performs follow-up inspections of new installations or repaired equipment and verifies tolerances in critical issues to assure compliance to acceptance standards and the PPM Guidelines.
  • Follow-up and update preventive maintenance schedule.
  • Validate and update equipment specification files and history sheet
  • Evaluate and improve the preventive maintenance job plans (from supplier’s recommendation if existing), create and update the corresponding inspection job plans, in coordination with the planner
  • Ensure systematic review, application and optimization of lubrication program.
  • Contribute to the analysis of failures and problems, recommending corrective actions.
  • Participate actively in troubleshooting equipment chronic problems and come up with effective solutions
  • Participate in the maintenance on-call program
  • The Inspector communicates regularly with the operations personnel to gain information on any problem or concerns they may have about equipment and the way it is affecting the process
  • The Inspector generates work requests for all tasks identified in the inspection route and brings to the attention of the planner those that are urgent.
  • Analysis of data collected, completed work orders, and process data in order to initiate appropriate maintenance work orders, which include a detailed scope of work.
  • Active role toward cost budgeting, cost forecasting and control of department expenditures.
  • Comply with EMS Methods Instrumentation activities
  • Ensure involvement in the implementation and maintenance of integrated management system in the plant


Human Dimension

  • Lubrication Technicians Planners and Execution Engineers.

Organisation Dimension

  • Report to Methods Manager
  • Interface with the following: Mechanical, Methods Electrical, Automation, Safety and Stores departments.
  • The Methods Manager: To receive objectives & directives, analyze results and correct Possible anomalies.
  • The Maintenance execution (Mechanical and Automation/Instrumentation): for equipment’s repairs and reception.
  • Method: to request work and repairs to be done.
  • Safety Officer: To liaise for accident prevention and inform about any problem that may occur on Clinker plant. Security: to inform and solve security problems.
  • External bodies: PHCN, raw material, bricks, and other production suppliers.
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Must be a Certified Mechanical Inspector.
  • Ability to coordinate the inspection, preventive, breakdown maintenance.
  • Good planning skills.
  • Commitment to the highest standards of safe work habits
  • Good knowledge of safety laws and regulations.
  •  Good Coaching Skill.
  • Very good written and verbal communications skills –
  • Level of education: Degree or equivalent in any engineering discipline (Mechanical Engineering as main subjects).
  • 4/5 years postgraduate experience.

Technical Competencies:

  • Good knowledge of Inspection and execution functions.
  •  Proficient in PPM systems both in theory and in practice.
  • Able to take initiative based on sound problem solving skills.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Good interpersonal relationship
  • Demonstrated leadership skills via work ethics
  • Ability to delegate and motivate, fairness, etc
  • Result oriented

Managerial Competencies

  • Team leadership skill
  • Good aptitude for organization and communication
  • Result oriented with high decision-making capacity/ self-confidence
  • High level of initiative Anticipative

Job Location

  • Ewekoro

Senior Legal Counsel, Commercial Contracts

Job Specifications:

  • Full Time
  • Required Qualifications: BA/BSC/HND
  • Location: Lagos | Nigeria.
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Job Description:

The Senior Legal Counsel, Commercial Contracts provides support across the following entities and operations; Lafarge Africa Plc, Ashakacem Limited, Wapsila Limited, Geocycle Operations, Readymix Operations and Mortar Operations in connection with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions transactions
  • Negotiation of professional services agreements and procurement agreements
  • Commercial transactions
  • Power purchase agreements and Energy Related Transactions
  • Syndicated loans
  • NOTAP and Related Party Agreements
  • Logistics Contracts
  • Strategic contracts
  • Finance/Treasury transactions
  • Commercial Papers, Bonds, dealing with FMDQ, OTC among others.

The role involves performing legal due diligence in connection with LAP transactions, supporting the negotiation of transaction agreements (including some drafting responsibilities) and assisting the lead transactions lawyers with various other legal tasks needed to consummate transactions.

With respect to the commercial negotiation portion of this role, in addition to traditional consulting services, commercial agreements may include large, complex technology contracts, as well as emerging technologies.  This role involves negotiation of the legal terms and conditions of contracts; providing a legal analysis of the associated risks; and related advice to address, manage and mitigate the risks identified.

This commercial contracts work is complex and requires sound experience in professional services, technology and software licenses, contract drafting, intellectual property and the negotiation of large, complex deals.

This role will work closely with and support multiple members of the Legal, Commercial, Procurement, Industrial, Finance/Treasury, Project Management, Logistics team among others.


Contract Management

  • Reviewing contracts to highlight key obligations to end users and monitor end user implementation and performance of signed contracts.
  • Ensure contract obligations are clearly understood by end users and accurately implemented.
  • Visit project sites to monitor contract implementation and identify opportunities to improve contracting practices and processes and devise plans to implement these changes.
  • Supervising contract execution to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Studying the requirements, duties and obligations of the company under contracts to ensure alignment with the company’s goals and relevant regulations.
  • Meet regularly with project managers and contract end users to discuss contract matters and provide practical solutions.
  • Maintain excellent working relationship with contract end users to ensure their needs are met with respect to contract drafting quality.
  • Provide advice and guidance on contracts drafting, review and negotiation.
  • Ensuring contract terms comply with the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Investigating and addressing contract issues.

Other Responsibilities

  • Performing legal due diligence reviews on target company client, vendor and other contracts to identify important risk considerations and exposures.
  • Drafting ancillary transaction agreements.
  • Performing legal research arising out of transactions.
  • Maintaining closing checklists and assisting in various activities needed to consummate transactions.
  • Reviewing revisions to standard agreements and evaluating third party agreement templates against Lafarge Africa’s Plc. (LAP) standard templates.
  • Drafting and negotiating contracts with third parties (master service agreements, professional services agreements, NDAs, outsourcing agreements, technology services agreements, systems implementation agreements, hosting agreements, software as a service agreements etc) to address the risks identified and levels of performance required from the third party.
  • Advising Line Managers of the key contractual risks of the proposed projects and contracts.
  • Advise relevant teams and other stakeholders of the key legal risks of the proposed projects and contracts.
  • Coordinating with cross functional teams (including tax, finance, Industrial, Sales and Commercial team, Logistics team etc) in order to provide a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management.
  • When negotiating enterprise wide agreements, to explain the objective of the Project or transaction, how risks might be mitigated and managed;
  • Working to make all contractual documents compliant with LAP & Holcim’s policies and maintaining an understanding of the impact of any changes in LAP & Holcim’s policies, organizational structure and procedures.
  • Protecting LAP’s intellectual property to prevent loss/infringement by third parties through trademarks, copyrights, patents and other appropriate safeguards
  • Providing input and feedback concerning LAP’s contracting procedures
  • Attending meetings and organising training sessions
  • Identify and provide advice regarding potential legal risks associated with transaction counterparty contracts
  • Provide advice based on the appropriate balance of risk mitigation and business interests on a real-time basis
  • Provide advice to the relevant stakeholders in meeting obligations associated with contracts and agreements
  • Use of independent judgment and thinking applied to resolution of contract issues
  • Identify the projects that require communication to and consultation with other functions
  • Escalate identified key contractual provisions in Transactions and other Agreements or proposed strategy.
  • Work independently on non-recurring projects, with limited direction, and will need to draw upon extensive knowledge, and experience to deliver quality risk management
  • Provide oversight and guidance to the Legal Counsel in executing his Job scope :

The Legal Counsel will support the Senior Legal Counsel to do the following:

  • contracts, including payment terms, general terms and conditions.
  • To review, revise and update Contract Drafting and Execution Policies to align with the Delegation of Authority and Group Standards/Policies.
  • Review, mark-up/draft (from scratch), negotiate and close commercial/procurement contracts, including master service agreements, Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contracts, Power Purchase Agreements etc.
  • Oversee Drafting, negotiating contractual terms with third party suppliers which protect the Company from a commercial and contractual perspective including strategy, risk and mitigation analysis, internal reviews and liaison with all subject matter experts in their various disciplines.
  • Stay abreast of legal developments affecting the company, its clients, and industries and synthesize the information to incorporate it into the company’s transactions
  • Educate company’s executives as regards legal and risk management issues with regards Contract Documents
  • Structure third party transactions to be most advantageous to the company from a legal and business perspective.
  • Counsel, advise, and consult company executives based on the accurate interpretation of contract documents and the facts of a business opportunity.
  • Be responsible for updating, managing and utilizing the Document Management System- the documentation execution process registry for all contracts across the business.
  • Provide practical, business-oriented legal/commercial contract advice to internal clients.
  • Apply innovative problem-solving skills and practical business judgment to minimize risks.
  • Collaborate with and facilitate cross-team decision making among legal, finance and other teams within the business.
  • Develop, assess and negotiate contracts on non-disclosure, consulting, service, consignments, terms and conditions and commercial documents.
  • Ensure consistency of contract terms with company policies and goals.
  • Expedite and review contracts from company’s suppliers, customers and parties.
  • Review and negotiate contract
  • Develop contract strategies for projects.
  • Ensure contract procurement and administration policies are consistent with procurement regulations.
  • Manage assigned projects to completion.
  • Conduct contract strategy meetings to identify issues and client requirements, and obtain end user input on commercial terms, and input on timelines and deliverables.
  • Provide oversight of the contract management process, as well as development of specific standards and templates for contract negotiations and document retention management.
  • Oversee organizational contract development and management activities, and enforce organizational principles of integrity and compliance.
  • Ensure that contracts and proposals are properly entered into organizational databases and securely maintained.
  • Ensure accuracy and appropriateness of contract text and attachments.
  • Develop an effective and seamless Contracting Drafting Policy, incorporating Procurement contracting process.
  • Ownership, collaboration, innovation and improvement in the Contract Drafting Process.
  • Standardize all Contract templates.
  • Communicate improvements and variations in Contracts as required by law and regulations or due to new Contract claims.
  • Establish Contract Document Control and ensure Compliance with Contracting Policy.
  • Timely delivery of Contract templates and drafts.
  • Maintain Contracts and Advance Payment Guarantee Database.
  • Update the Contract Master Data Sheet to monitor the contract drafting and execution process.


Human Dimension – Reporting to General Counsel & Company Secretary

List if Direct Reports

  • One

Key Interfaces, Stakeholders and Relationships 

  • The incumbent will interact regularly with all cadres of staff.
  • He/she will also interact regularly with the external public including suppliers and other external stakeholders.


  • Reduction of potential liability exposure to business
Qualifications and Requirements:
  • B.L, LL.B

Specific Work experience:

  • Minimum of 5 to 8 years post-bar work experience or with at least 3 years work experience in a top-tier commercial law firm.

Technical/ Functional Skills

  • Excellent organizational skills; demonstrated ability to create, plan and successfully execute projects; the ability to meet multiple deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; ability to interface and communicate effectively and diplomatically with all levels within the organisation.
  • Excellent negotiation skills.
  • Excellent contract review and drafting skills
  • Strong project management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • High degree of emotional intelligence
  • Ability to work effectively with cross functional teams
  • Ability to understand, and accurately articulate and document, complex transactions
  • Expertise in negotiation techniques, contract law, contract drafting, licensing, intellectual property and project management
  • Ability to assess size and scope of contemplated transactions and to tailor contracts and negotiation effort accordingly
  • Highly responsive with ability to manage high workload volumes efficiently and effectively
  • Exemplify creative problem solving abilities, ability to proffer commercial solution-oriented thinking with focus on exceptional client service
  • Working knowledge of local and international contract laws and the company’s policies.
  • In-depth understanding of different types of contracts including but not limited to engineering, procurement, and construction contracts, FIDIC contracts, contracts for simple capex projects, derivatives contracts, loan agreements and facility documents, joint venture agreements, etc.
  • Exemplify strong attention to detail

Behavioral Competence

  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Strong  team player
  • Adaptable
  • Tact and tolerant
  • Ability to work well under pressure and adhere to set deadlines
  • Resilient and Motivated

Leadership and Managerial Competence

  • Excellent management skills and ability to organize and plan effectively to meet both short and long-range goals and objectives.
  • Ability to manage multiple project plans successfully and simultaneously.
  • Ability to motivate individuals and teams
  • Able to coach and direct a diverse team
  • Works independently on complex projects
  • Comfortable proceeding based on guidance and general direction rather than hands-on micro-management and supervision
  • Supervise and/or manage training and development of team members

Method of Application

Interested and qualified candidates should send apply by clicking on the BUTTONS below. 

Internal Control Senior

Mechanical Inspector

Senior Legal Counsel, Commercial Contracts

Deadline: Not Specified



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