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Re-Afeez Bolaji Repete’s Submission Of Form For APC National Vice Chairman (South West) | Mutalubi Ojo


APC is fast losing party discipline and party hierarchy. If not when and where was it decided that this particular person should go and obtain form for this particular office?

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Party offices at that level are not for any particular person but for the generality of the members and the overall interest of the party as a whole.

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You don’t occupy party office at that level to satisfy and fulfill your personal whims and caprices only.

Since we don’t have a sitting Governor in our party in Oyo State, what we need presently is notable party leader to occupy such an important office like National Vice-Chairman ( South-West) or the National Secretary.

Whatever may be the case, truth be told, Afeez Bolaji Repete is by far too insignificant for such office in Oyo State if we are really serious to win the 2023 election in Oyo State.

Asiwaju Mutalubi Ojo Adebayo was attorney general and commissioner of justice in Oyo State.


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