Senator Alli Distributes N35 Million Worth of Food Items to Support Widows in Oyo South


In an effort to alleviate the economic hardship faced by individuals, Senator Sharafadeen Alli (APC-Oyo South) has distributed food items worth N35 million to over 3,000 widows in the district.

During a three-day program organized by the lawmaker, the widows, hailing from the nine local governments within Oyo South, received the food items. The distribution began in Eruwa, where widows from the three local governments in the Ibarapa zone were provided with essential supplies.

Senator Alli emphasized his dedication to fulfilling his election promises and delivering the dividends of democracy to the people. He expressed his commitment to extending support to widows across the entire senatorial district, stating that this initial effort was just the beginning. Highlighting areas such as education, health, and infrastructure, he assured that more plans were in store for the people.

Encouraging other politicians and individuals in positions of power, Senator Alli urged them to reach out to their constituents and contribute to alleviating the current economic hardship. He emphasized the importance of collective efforts in assisting the government to cushion the impact of the challenges faced by the people.

Additionally, Senator Alli inaugurated ICT centers in Ibadan and Igboora, while also unveiling a modern toilet facility he built at Ajomale compound in Oja-Oba, Ibadan. These initiatives further demonstrate his commitment to improving the welfare of the community.

Alhaji Mojeed Olaoya, the Senatorial Chairman of APC in Oyo South, commended Senator Alli for his generosity and described him as a promise keeper and a leader who genuinely cares for the people. Chief Bello Oladeji, an APC leader in the state, also expressed gratitude to Senator Alli for his commitment to the welfare of the people.

Beneficiaries of the food distribution expressed their appreciation for Senator Alli’s consideration during these challenging times, referring to him as a politician with a human touch. They acknowledged that this was the first time a senator from Oyo State had undertaken such a large-scale distribution while also initiating multiple projects within their first 100 days in office.

In summary, Senator Alli’s distribution of food items worth N35 million to over 3,000 widows in Oyo South showcases his dedication to fulfilling his election promises and supporting the welfare of the people.


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