OYRTMA Reels Out Speed Limits For Cars,Other Motorists to Prevent Accidents During ‘Ember’ Months


As parts of the efforts to ensure that the residents of Oyo State have an accident – free yuletide season, the Oyo State Road Transport Management Authority (OYRTMA) has reeled out speed limits for buses, Taxis, Lorries and other Motorists across the State.

This was contained in the statement of its Executive Chairman, Dr. Akin Fagbemi while briefing the press men at the Administrative Headquarters in Agodi on Wednesday.

Dr. Fagbemi disclosed, “retrospectively, the Authority has observed that over-speeding and reckless driving accounts for over 80% of road crashes recorded in the first and second quarters of the year 2020 alone and it is anticipated that the usual surge in the volume of business and transactional activities in the State would skyrocket during these ember months and thus, add significant pressure to road traffic. This informed our decision to direct motorists across the State to obey the national regulations on speed limits which imposes maximum limit of 100Km/hr for cars on any highway in Nigeria.”

“Taxis and buses are expected to maintain 50Km/hr within built up areas in towns, villages and cities. Articulated vehicles like tankers and trailers are expected to maintain a maximum speed limit of 50Km/hr on highways and 60Km/hr on expressway respectively”, he said.

The Chairman further stressed the need to adhere to the speed limits giving by the agency particularly has it involves a period that the weather might be hazy. Also, he advised that while driving at over-speed enthralls , it also kills


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